The Turkey Hill Experience invites guests to walk, learn, shop and experience what dairy is all about.

Turkey Hill Experience Invites Guests to Walk, Learn, Shop - and Experience

Ever wonder what it takes to make premium ice cream, or what it feels like to make your own ice cream commercial?

In a world where actions speak louder than words, Turkey Hill Dairy, Conestoga, Pa., lets you experience ice cream making and more with the Turkey Hill Experience, a 26,000-square-foot attraction in Columbia, Pa., that pays homage to Turkey Hill's history while highlighting its ice cream and iced tea-making processes. The experience includes interactive exhibits, café, gift shop and tons of fun-for-the-whole-family activities.

This self-guided interactive tour allows guests to learn about the Frey family (founders of Turkey Hill Dairy) and Lancaster County history, home of the dairy processor that produces a host of frozen desserts, frozen treats, ice cream cakes, limited-edition items and beverages. In this free section, visitors can interact with the dairy process through maps, videos and a dairy exhibit featuring a milk display and mechanical cows.
In the section that requires an admission fee ($9.50 for children, teens and seniors; $11.50 for adults; and free for children 4 years old and under), guests can visit the ice cream and tea areas and walk through a third section that tells the Turkey Hill Dairy story. There are no actual ice cream or iced tea production lines at the Turkey Hill Experience, however guests participate in interactive activities along the way, such as smelling different tea leaves, milking mechanical cows, coming up with a flavor ideas and enjoying the relaxation area with some iced tea.

While inside the tea room, check out the giant tea bottle and experience the aromas of some of the most popular teas from around the world. Explore the history of Lancaster County's favorite beverage and find out which flavor matches your personality. And, relax in the "Chill Zone" and learn about the mystical history of tea.

Visitors also walk through an interactive tour of the ice cream making process, from milk and cream delivery to freezing the mix and filling the cartons. Learn about homogenization and pasteurization, then race to measure out the perfect batch. Research and develop your own ice cream concoction by choosing your ingredients and designing your package. Cool off from the hard work with a stop in the blast freezer, and learn how Turkey Hill tests its ice cream with a sample taste test of your own.

Meanwhile, guests can make an ice cream commercial and post it to Facebook.

The tour winds up in The Creamery, a restaurant featuring light fare such as soups, salads and hot and cold sandwiches as well as ice cream, sundaes, milkshakes, soft-serve ice cream and a fully stocked selection of Turkey Hill iced teas and beverages.

Don't leave without taking a little bit of the Turkey Hill Experience with you. Its well-stocked gift shop offers one-of-a-kind Turkey Hill memorabilia and souvenirs.

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