Cold Stone Creamery suggests an ice cream cake for dad, while Oprah Winfrey’s personal trainer offers a low-cal alternative to butter in this week’s free-standing inserts. Overall, dairy-related FSIs were scant.

FSI report for the week beginning June 12, 2011

Cold Stone Creamery (a unit of franchisor Kahala) headlined its FSI “Really Make Dad Smile This Father’s Day” over a photograph of a Midnight Delight ice cream cake. The company also promoted its Hot Stone warm, plated desserts, launched in February. The FSI directs readers to its website to find a store, and shows the Facebook icon. Coupons: $3 off any signature cake; two Two Like It size SKUs for $5; $1 off any Love It or Gotta Have It SKU.


Oprah’s personal trainer Bob Greene invites shoppers to “Try my Bestlife buttery spread. Healthy living starts at the grocery store.” The nondairy food, from healthy products marketer GFA Brands, contains neither trans-fat nor partially hydrogenated oils and is said to contain 40% fewer calories than butter. Coupon: 50 cents off any spread, spray or stick SKU.


General Mills promotes the relatively high calcium content of its Yoplait original yogurt. Readers are directed to a website or Facebook page for more information. Coupon: 40 cents off six cups of any Yoplait SKU.

Kraft states its new Breakstone's sour cream dip is "made with real dairy. Really." Coupon: $1 off any sour cream dip SKU.


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