How would you like some “seed money” to spruce up your garden - say, to the tune of a free $500 gift card? DCI Cheese Co. already planted the seeds.

DCI Plants ‘Seed Money' Through its Redesigned Cheese Packaging

How would you like some “seed money” to spruce up your garden - say, to the tune of a free $500 gift card? Imagine the possibilities - the color and blooms, the blossoms and foliage, the flowers, shrubs and fresh air? It’s exciting just thinking about it.

What’s even more exciting is that DCI Cheese Co. is making it so anyone can jazz up their lawn. That’s because the Richfield, Wis., cheesemaker unveiled “Goodness. Naturally.,” an enter-to-win contest sponsored by its brand Organic Creamery, an extensive line of certified organic cheese varieties. One grand prize winner will receive a $500 gift card that can be used to purchase a variety of items for their garden. Additionally, the full line of Organic Creamery cheeses showcases redesigned product packaging that highlights the eco-friendly, handmade nature of the brand.

In-store shelf talkers with tear pads featuring contest information and a coupon can be found in participating retailers through June 30. Additionally, consumers with smart phones can connect directly to for recipes and wine pairings via the promotional display’s quick response code. The website also features an online entry form, contest rules and a section filled with helpful gardening tips and tricks.

“Matching Organic Creamery cheese with home-grown produce is a great way to ensure that the food your family consumes is as close to nature as possible,” says Katie Jury, marketing manager at DCI. “This contest gives one winner ‘seed money’ they can use to start their own eco-friendly garden.”

Organic Creamery cheeses are said to be produced in a manner that is beneficial to the health and welfare of people, animals and the environment. All products are hand-crafted by award-winning Wisconsin cheesemakers with 100% certified organic milk. The fresh milk used in production is sourced from family farms that practice humane animal management and pasture grazing and is free of pesticides, antibiotics and hormones. Additionally, no animal rennet or artificial colorings are used during production. Organic Creamery cheeses display the USDA organic seal.

Details about the Organic Creamery “Goodness. Naturally.” promotion, including full contest rules, are available at