Stonyfield Farm launches a yogurt lid campaign to support non-profit, says executive editor Marina Mayer.

For many Americans, Sept. 1 marks the end of summer, the time when you cover up your lawn furniture and pack away your white pants.

For the folks at Stonyfield Farm, Sept. 1 is the beginning of their new yogurt lid campaign to support non-profit, an online resource for expert-reviewed information and support on breast health and breast cancer.

The campaign's goal is to promote better breast health through a planet-friendly lifestyle. Using social media outlets and email, participants are urged to read and share stories about making lifestyle changes as a way to reduce breast cancer risk. To encourage participation, the Londonderry, N.H., company will donate up to $100,000 to for actions participants take online.

The campaign lids will appear on approximately 20 million Stonyfield Organic yogurts and Stonyfield Organic Oikos Greek yogurts across the United States from Sept. 1-Nov. 30. The lids will direct consumers to, where they can read, watch and listen to stories from others who adopted an organic diet and planet-friendly lifestyle as a way to reduce their risk of breast cancer. Each action generates a "click." Stonyfield has pledged 10 cents per click or $100,000 if the campaign achieves 1 million clicks.

"At Stonyfield, we've seen the power of storytelling through online social sites as a way to both share information and inspire real change," says Gary Hirshberg, president and CE-Yo of Stonyfield. "Given the prevalence of breast cancer, which has hit close to home for me, we wanted to use this powerful force to help people find new ways to lower their risk."

Earlier this year, launched its Organic Living section, which is part of the organization's global “Think Pink, Live Green” initiative. The goal is to help consumers understand how the outside environment affects breast health through the chemicals in food, beverages, medications and other products they use. Stonyfield sponsored the development of this new section, which provides invaluable information and advice on adopting an organic lifestyle, including steps you can take today to lower your breast cancer risk.

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