Dean Foods, Nestle and Bel Brands use the words "wholesome," "real  and "delicious"in this week's free-standing inserts.

FSI report for the week beginning Setp. 25, 2011

Although dairy processors are not promoting "Mom and apple pie," their messages are just as hard to argue with." Wholesome," "real" and "delicious" appear on this week's free-standing inserts from Dean Foods, Nestle's Carnation and Bel Brands' Kaukauna.
Dean introduces TruMoo, a 1% chocolate milk version of its no-fat milk sold in schools. An "angelic" milkman in a white uniform claims the product is "a wholesome everyday treat" that contains "no high fructose corn syrup" and "8 essential nutrients." A perplexed "devil" milkman in a red uniform says, "Nutritious and delicious? There's nothing bad about that!" Shoppers are directed to "share your TruLove" at a Facebook page.
Nestle promotes its Carnation evaporated milk products in cans and instant nonfat dry milk products in new resealable packages that are said to promote freshness. The FSI is headlined "Trust Carnation to make meals more wholesome and delicious." Nestle directs readers online for recipes and instructs them to find the products in the grocer's baking aisle.
Bel Brands states its Kaukauna spreadable product is "made in Wisconsin with 100% real Cheddar" in an FSI headlined "Real friends deserve an honest-to-goodness cheese."