Cheesemakers Saputo, Kraft and Bongrain are in the forefront of this week’s free-standing inserts.Unileverpromotes itsKnorrmix (to be blended with sour cream) and its Bertollialfredo pasta sauce (made with cream and cheese).

FSI report for the week beginning April 10, 2011

Use cheese as a central ingredient of a dinner entry or as a healthy snack or appetizer, say the cheesemakers in this week’s free-standing inserts (FSIs). Other marketers promote their dairy products as fun desserts or nutritious snacks.


Saputo’s Frigo brand states “The Freshest Ingredients Make It Special” in a free-standing insert that also announces the “Fresh & Family Recipe Contest,” awarding a grand prize kitchen remodel. Shoppers submit (online or by mail) an original recipe using two different Frigo or Dragone cheese products and brief statement by July 15. The grand prize is a remodeled kitchen, delivered as a $2,500 check.


Saputo’s Treasure Cave blue cheese directs shoppers to a website for salad recipes.


Kraft Foods promotes its new Big Slice cheese SKUs, promising “cheese in every bite.” Shoppers are directed to a website to “grab a slice of inspiration.” In a separate FSI, Kraft states its four-cheese Homestyle macaroni and cheese takes “minimum effort” but delivers “maximum cheesy reward.” In a third FSI, Kraft’s Ritz Crackerfuls states its filled crackers are made with real cheese.


Bongrain’s Alouette’s Chavrie goat cheese teams up with Panos Brands’ Sesmark crackers. Each brand offers a $1 coupon toward the purchase of any cracker or cheese SKU.


Unilever’s Knorr touts its dry mix products, which when blended with sour cream, add “flavor to any occasion.” The FSI directs readers online for recipes. Separately, Unilever’s Bertolli alfredo pasta sauce (made with cream and cheese) offers wine pairing ideas.



Nestlé’s Edy’s launches a line of shakes and smoothies in eight flavors under the headline “New! Just add milk, stir and . . . enjoy!” The FSI directs shoppers to the freezer aisle and dangles a $1 coupon toward the purchase of any two SKUs.


Dunkin’ Brands’ Baskin-Robbins reminds shoppers that Easter is April 24, Mother’s Day is May 8 and the retailer’s 31-cent Scoop Night promotion is April 27. It offers a $3 coupon toward the purchase of any cake SKU, a $1 coupon for any medium or large frozen beverage and a buy-one cone, get one free coupon.



Johnsonville Sausage offers a breakfast casserole recipe calling for butter, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese and milk.


Armour-Eckrich Meats’ Eckrich sausage promotes a casserole recipe calling for processed cheese sauce and cheddar cheese.



 In a multipage event, General Mills promotes its yogurt brands Yoplait Greek, Yoplus, Fiber One and GoGurt.


Dannon Co. says of its Greek yogurt, “Heavenly taste comes to earth.”


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