Kraft rides a roller coaster,Yoplaitis pumped with protein andDiLussogoes al fresco in this week’s free-standing inserts.


FSI report for the week beginning July 17, 2011

Marketing of dairy products slowed to a crawl in this week’s free-standing inserts. Kraft, DiLusso and Yoplait were the only brands active.

String Cheese offers a $15 discount on a general admission ticket to Six Flags amusement park. Shoppers take specially marked packages to any participating amusement park. Retailer Meijer offers two packages of cheese for $6.

Hormel's Melting Pot Foods
promotes its DiLusso brand cheeses and deli meats. In some markets, Jewel-Osco (a Supervalu grocery store) offers $1 savings on the purchase of any half-pound SKU.

General Mills’
continues to protein the high protein content of its Yoplait Greek yogurt.


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