Dallas-based Borden Dairy said its Classic eggnog is a popular holiday staple around the country. However, in Houston, residents have become accustomed to the company’s Premium eggnog variety: an alternative, limited-distribution version of the eggnog that doesn't include nutmeg in the recipe.

This year, Borden said it replaced the exclusive Houston Premium eggnog with the Classic version. But apparently Houstonians missed their Premium eggnog: Some residents "rallied the troops" to start a protest and an online petition asking Borden to bring back the previous version of the product.

To address this, Tony Sarsam, Borden’s CEO, released a playful video to the passionate Facebook group of protestors announcing that he would bring back the Premium eggnog, in addition to the Classic eggnog sold in the Houston market.

Borden said its Premium eggnog is back at Houston retailers through Dec. 31. Houston residents can purchase pint sizes of the Premium eggnog for a suggested retail price of $1.99, as well as quarts starting at $3.29 and half-gallons at $5.69. In addition to bringing Borden Premium eggnog back to the city’s market, Borden will also be surprising random Facebook group members with product shipments throughout the holiday season.