Shatto Milk Co., Osborn, Mo., takes pride in producing the highest-quality milk for local residents, as seen in its organizational mantra, “Milk at its Finest.” Shatto has been located at the same dairy farm just north of the Kansas City metropolitan area for more than 100 years, and its milk comes direct from cow to bottle in as little as 12 hours. 

Recently, Shatto noticed customers wanted its seasonal flavor offerings such as Vanilla and Blueberry for longer than the two-week period they were being released. The challenge was to find a way to offer these flavored milks year-round without having to be concerned about shelf life and freshness.

Shatto answered the challenge by developing five powdered flavors — Orange Dream, Vanilla, Strawberry, Blueberry and Cinnamon Roll — that can easily be added to a glass of milk. To launch this new product, Shatto Milk turned to Chicago-based Berlin Packaging in 2018 to identify packaging solutions that would complement its brand’s existing packaging. 

From the onset, Shatto Milk knew it wanted its new Milk Flavorizer product to be available in a specialty tin rather than a plastic jar or paper sleeve. After seeing several potential packaging solutions, a 76- by 76-inch stock can with friction-fit lids and silkscreened decoration was selected as the ideal solution. The design paired the simplicity of the Shatto Milk brand with the outline of a colorful milk carton, intending to immediately conjure up nostalgic feelings of childhood.

The product packaging first launched in spring 2018 and has been made available in local grocers and specialty shops throughout Missouri and Kansas, as well as through the Shatto online home delivery service. Based on the overwhelming popularity of the product, Shatto recently announced that the Milk Flavorizer powders would be the first product the company will distribute nationwide beginning later in 2019.