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Packaging plays a key role in the success of new desserts from a Bavarian food processor, according to the packaging supplier. The flavor of the new Monte dessert from Zott stays fresh thanks to the two-cup chamber system with folding seam that keeps the unique Monte cream – a combination of creamy milk, chocolate and hazelnuts – and fruit or crispy ingredients separate until they are mixed just before eating.

The plastic container is manufactured using a thin-walled injection technique with in-mold labeling by the Weidenhammer Packaging Group, a European supplier. The all-around labelling is achieved using the company’s full-cover technique that enables the sides and bottom of the plastic container to be seamlessly processed without edges.

Unique dessert creations are very popular, especially among young consumers. A wide variety of distinctive flavors encourages impulse buying from refrigerated display cases. Fierce competition in the dessert segment makes shelf-appeal and an eye-catching package all the more important to attract attention.

Easy-to-use packaging keeps the cream fresh and the mix-ins crunchy

Zott’s Monte dessert comes in four varieties: cherry, crunchy, cappuccino balls and shortbread.
The plastic container developed by Weidenhammer has two separate chambers – one for the cream and the other for the mix-in. The two components are mixed when the consumer bends the packaging at the fold line and mixes the ingredients just before eating.

WPP started manufacturing the modern plastic containers late last year at its plant in Zwenkau, Saxony, Germany. Before this, approximately 12 months were spent on packaging development and testing. In cooperation with Zott, Weidenhammer experts worked on the design and the construction of the special container.

"For Monte desserts it is extremely important to ensure that the cream remains separate from the other ingredients in the filling process", said WPP Sales Director Andreas Rothschink. "This would significantly affect the shelf life of the product and ultimately its taste".

The packaging is practically unbreakable.

"The material is high quality polypropylene (PP), which is flexible, bends easily and is ideal for refrigerated display cases", Rothschink said.

Sealed with an aluminum membrane, the plastic container offers optimum product protection. This ensures that the product is always fresh at the time of purchase.

Full surface labelling using the full cover technique
The two-chamber containers are produced using the IML injection molding process that handles manufacturing and labelling in a single step. This IML technology process enables the sides and bottom of the plastic container to be seamlessly processed without edges.

The technique allows full surface labelling that covers even the rounded edges, Rothschink said. This gives the container a unique look and feel. Rounded edges offer another key benefit: they allow consumers to spoon out the last bit of the dessert from the container.

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