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Gelita PeptidesMore than just for gummies and marshmallows, GELITA Gelatine and Collagen Peptides are all around us in everyday products for health, fitness, fun and convenience. GELITA continually develops ingredient concepts based on collagen proteins providing for a unique property profile and competitive market advantages.

Gelatine from GELITA
Nothing delivers like GELITA Gelatine. The power of this one ingredient offers so much: perfect gels, optimal foams, stable emulsions and a wide range of dissolution properties. GELITA Collagen Proteins (gelatine and collagen peptides) have the properties to optimize the quality of many products: gummies, marshmallows, mousses, cream cheese, cheese dip/spread, salad dressing, functional foodstuffs or beverages. Brochure download: And, for increased marketability, GELITA offers the first commercially available kosher gelatine. Geliko Kosher Gelatine (certified by the Orthodox Union) features the same versatility and functionality as its non-kosher counterparts; but offers the added value of the OU kosher certification. Brochure download:

Did You Know? Not All Collagen Peptides are the Same.
GELITA offers specific Bioactive Collagen Peptides, individually optimized to stimulate each of the three different human cell types involved in collagen synthesis. GELITA Collagen Peptides stimulate body functions and provide the body with vital nutrients. Experience the difference with GELITA’s branded solutions:

Sport, Body Toning, Protein Fortification
PEPTIPLUS increases the protein load substantially without effecting taste or texture. Recent studies with PEPTIPLUS show a significant increase in muscle mass, decrease in fat mass and an enhanced body toning effect.

Beauty from Within
VERISOL studies have demonstrated substantial increase to skin elasticity and hydration while preventing the formation of wrinkles by stimulating skin metabolism and the creation of new collagen. Administered orally, VERISOL influences the skin’s matrix from the inside.

Joint Health
FORTIGEL has been scientifically proven to stimulate measurable synthesis of extracellular matrix and therefore the production of cartilage tissue. Thus, it counteracts wear and tear on joints caused by aging and excess load.

Bone Health
FORTIBONE stimulates osteoblast in the bones to increase production of extracellular matrix which is the essential framework for calcium mineralization. In addition, FORTIBONE regulates degenerative processes by reducing protease production in osteoclasts. This mechanism supports overall bone stability and flexibility.

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SOURCE: Gelita