By SnackHealthy Inc.

SnackHealthy Inc. announced this week the furtherance of its Asian roll out of organic milk products through its export division, Healthient, with purchase orders totaling $7.3 million. The O Organic milk is a Safeway brand and will be sold throughout China through one of Asia's largest retailers.

Lucerne Foods, a subsidiary of Safeway Inc., one of the world's largest supermarket chains, will manufacture the O Organics milk. Founded in 1904, Lucerne operates 32 plants in the United States and Canada. Healthient will be providing procurement, documentation, consolidation and export support for the specialty food market in Asia with shipments to commence in May 2014.

Richard Damion, SnackHealthy's CEO commented, "The sales opportunities in Asia represent both significant revenue and profits for our company. The introduction of the organic dairy product line in May 2014 will also include UHT and ESL milk. These categories are two of the fastest selling fluid milk products in the China marketplace. Our objective is to make it a leading organic milk and dairy brand in the region."

New Chinese Consumer Trend

  • Imports of fluid milk itself will grow even faster, by 67% to 300,000 tons, spurred by demand for ultra-high temperature (UHT) treated milk products which "are a new trend in first-tier Chinese cities."
  • Retailers note that lower-priced pasteurized or UHT milk is one of the fastest selling products in China's marketplace.
  • China's growing population of older consumers located in the first-tier cities tend to prefer to consume skim or low fat milk, which should continue to support a positive trend for imported UHT milk products in large urban areas.

"Booming Chinese consumer demand for imported dairy products represents a significant selling opportunity for SnackHealthy's, Healthient division and by late spring we should be in grocery stores in Shanghai, Manila, Beijing, Guangdong and Hong Kong with this extensive product line," according to Michele Chen, Sterling's Hong Kong President who submitted the purchase orders and is the distributor and representative of the O Organics dairy brand in Asia. "This order and export collaboration signals the start of an accelerated growth platform for the introduction of O Organic dairy and perishable products into the Asian market," further added by Ms. Chen.

About SnackHealthy Inc.
SnackHealthy Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of organic, natural and healthy food products headquartered in Jupiter, Fla. The Company offers a portfolio of healthy foods and beverages that are organic, all-natural, low-calorie, and free from artificial sweeteners; created to satisfy several eating occasions daily. SnackHealthy is dedicated to offering a broad array of choices for healthy, convenient and fun nourishment, while reducing environmental impact. Healthient, a division of SnackHealthy, is focused on the export of branded organic and natural food products.

About Sterling Food Solutions Ltd.
Sterling is a Hong Kong based sales and marketing company providing Asian retailers the ability to purchase organic and natural food products direct from manufacturers in North America by offering procurement, consolidation, documentation, certification, financing and in store branding services. In an exclusive collaboration with its partner; SnackHealthy Inc., Sterling and its Asian affiliates have access to over 700 distribution points and approximately 12,000 retail outlets in eight countries that make up the greater China region.

SOURCE: SnackHealthy Inc.