RealBeanz, Brooklyn, N.Y., believes that an iced coffee should do more than just satisfy the taste buds—it ought to assist with getting through the day and enhance


one’s lifestyle without subjecting the body to harmful chemicals or unhealthful ingredients. This was the motivation behind the namesake ready-to-drink product that debuted in the New York Tri-State area at the beginning of the year.
Combining premium-brewed coffee beans and fresh, artificial growth hormone-free reduced-fat milk with a variety of functional ingredients, RealBeanz created a nutrient-rich drink that does not compromise on taste, according to Avi Blau, the company’s founder.
The beverage, which sports the tagline, “Real Life Needs RealBeanz,” comes in five varieties: Energize, Focus, Resist, Relax and Trim & Fit. Energize is cappuccino with ginseng and vitamin B12, while Focus is caramel flavored and infused with ginkgo biloba and eluthero root extract. Resist, a mocha beverage, contains immunity-boosting ingredients said to help fight infections. The line’s decaffeinated variety is Relax, which has a vanilla nut flavor profile and is enhanced with chamomile and lemon balm for a calming effect.
Diet cappuccino Trim & Fit variety is low in calories (thanks to the use of erythritol and a stevia-based sweetener) and contains 3 grams of fiber in the form of resistant maltodextrin, along with chromium and conjugated linoleic acid. The latter variety contains 60 calories per bottle, whereas the other four sugar-sweetened drinks have 140.