In Memoriam

Lori Dahm: 1969-2006
Stagnito Communications lost a dear friend and valued colleague when Lori Dahm died on December 9, 2006.
We know that the food and beverage industry joins us in mourning for this truly gifted writer whose keen insight provided us with a greater sense of what our industry should be trying to accomplish: feeding the world and protecting the resources that make that possible.
Serving as Dairy Field’s technical editor as well as executive editor of Stagnito’s New Products Magazine, Lori was our “green” editor, unflagging in her hope that the food and beverage industry would adopt goals such as renewable resources, organic ingredients and sustainable farming.
She enjoyed shaking up staid categories of our industry with a “get with it” message that riled more than a few, but at least garnered their attention.
Lori urged the dairy industry to “get along” with big beverage companies in developing new dairy-based alternatives to soda, rather than isolate itself into oblivion. Lori twice addressed annual meetings of the National Meat Canners Association, accusing them of being out of touch with today’s consumers. We have reason to believe the group has plans to mobilize, as its name changes to Shelf-Stable Food Processors Association this month. Coincidence?
And only Lori could comment on the exploding organic market by noting the traffic jam around the last Natural Products Show caused by attendees who rented cars rather than take public transportation.
Lori wasn’t kidding when she suggested the creation of a Do-Gooders Association that could provide a reliable scale for measuring and labeling “green points” and “ethical points.” Lori lived her personal interest in making the world a better place. She shopped at retailers that shared her commitment to the community and supported causes close to her heart. She enjoyed creating healthful dishes and sharing them with good friends and loved ones. In the seemingly simple endeavors that comprise our day-to-day existence, Lori lived the practices she encouraged the industry to recognize. It’s how Lori stayed connected to her beliefs.
Not only did Lori open our eyes to some of this “rightness,” but it will be how we stay connected to her.
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