R&D News

La Crosse, Wis.-based Main Street Ingredients recently received a “Superior” rating from AIB International. Main Street Ingredients is a supplier of functional food ingredients and a contract manufacturer for the nutritional, sports and natural food industries. For the eighth consecutive year, Main Street Ingredients has earned AIB International’s superior rating. Facilities must receive a minimum score of 900 out of 1,000 possible points to achieve a superior rating.
A new brochure published by National Starch Food Innovation, Monroe, N.J., presents comprehensive information for selecting food starches. Compiled by experienced food technologists and chefs at National Starch Food Innovation, “How to Choose Food Starches — Your Guide to Food Innovation” helps food industry developers create new foods and improve existing ones. The 32-page guide presents tables listing common applications, National’s recommended specialty starches, suggested usage levels for optimal performance, features and functions of the ingredient, and benefits relating to processing, function, shelf life and the consumer.
Whey protein is effective in muscle building and muscle maintenance, laying the foundation for label claims on foods and beverages containing the milk-derived protein, researchers said at the recent Dairy Management Inc. Dairy Innovation Forum. One bright area for innovation is in whey proteins, given strong consumer interest in good-for-you products. Researchers long have known that whey protein is a high-quality source of nutrition, functionality and flavor in foods and beverages, but the benefits of whey on muscle may be communicated to consumers as a potential structure-function claim.
Plant sterol-enriched yogurts are better at lowering cholesterol levels when consumed at mealtimes than between meals, regardless of the fat content, according to research from Unilever. Some lowfat and nonfat foods containing sterols are available, although some studies have suggested that the cholesterol-lowering activity is reduced in such formats.  
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