Show of Shows

IDDBA to host ‘Greatest Food Expo on Earth.’

Former president Bill Clinton, former Disney chief Michael Eisner and NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw are the keynote speakers for the 42nd annual seminar and expo of the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association (IDDBA), Dairy-Deli-Bake 2006.
Scheduled for June 11 to 13 in Orlando, Fla., the theme of this year’s show is “The Greatest Food Expo on Earth: The Show of Shows.” 
Show organizers say if there’s a word the food business could borrow from Disney, it would be imagineering. “That’s the key to getting and keeping customers and to growing your business,” IDDBA folks say. “We may call it product development, vision or long-term planning, but it all means the same — we are imagining the future and engineering the tactics needed to achieve it.”
The IDDBA’s annual seminar and expo creates an experience by building visual displays that capture the customer’s imagination. The buyers and merchandisers who attend the show are looking for learning experiences that satisfy their need for new business, merchandising and training ideas, IDDBA says. They’re also looking for new taste and performance experiences that will satisfy their customers and drive sales.
According to IDDBA, we live in an experiential society. Whether it’s going to an amusement park or shopping at a supermarket, the more enjoyable the experience, the greater the emotional bond. As theme parks have their attractions, so do supermarkets and trade shows.
IDDBA’s Show of Shows is a professional experience starring high-impact speakers, an expo that’s filled with top brands and many new products, and the Show and Sell Merchandising Pavilion that presents new products, ideas and displays.
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