Big Step for Better Nutrition

Nestlé offers first lowfat flavored milk for school vending.
Today’s children may be the first generation to experience a shorter lifespan than their parents, according to some analysts, due to rising childhood obesity rates and health problems related to poor diet and sedentary lifestyles.
Major culprits include the sharp increase in consumption of foods with minimal nutritional value at the expense of more nutritious foods like lowfat milk and a 300 percent increase in soda consumption over the past 20 years while milk consumption among adolescents has dropped by more than 40 percent.
As concerned parents and school boards across the country demand more healthful options for kids in school as one way to address the obesity issue, Nestlé is offering by way of its Nesquik® brand what I purports to be the first and only 100 percent lowfat (1 percent) milk to schools nationwide through its new school vending-machine solution.
“Schools have an important role in creating a healthy school environment that will influence children’s lifelong dietary habits,” says Dayle Hayes, M.S., R.D., president of Nutrition for the Future Inc. “Kids who drink milk have a better diet with higher calcium intakes than those who regularly drink sodas and sweetened fruit drinks. New, healthful options like Nesquik lowfat milk are win-win solutions for nutritious school vending.”  
Research indicates that, when it comes to good nutrition, sugary carbonated beverages and fruit drinks can’t compete with 100 percent milk. In fact, one recent study showed that children who drank flavored milk not only took in more nutrients but maintained diets no higher in total fat and sugar than those of children who did not drink flavored milks.
Organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and Action for Healthy Kids (AFHK) are urging schools to provide lowfat regular and flavored milk to students. State and federal regulations are also being introduced nationwide to restrict student access to foods of minimal nutritional value in favor of healthier options. df
Information provided by Nestlé USA. For full report and research sources, contact Jennifer Robbins at (312) 297-7573. To learn more about Nesquik milk solutions for schools, call (866) QUIK-VEND.
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