TIC Gums earned the first annual Ingredients-Flavorings-Seasonings-Additives Innovation Award for its Dairyblend SC-ASC product. The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) announced the award during the recent International Dairy Foods Show, held in Atlanta,GA. Developed during the last 12 months; Dairyblend SC-ASC was invented to help food formulators manufacture a full-bodied texture for sour cream. Dairyblend SC-ASC is a 100% hydrocolloid blend that combines natural emulsifiers with traditional thickeners and gelling agents to convey high quality, stable sour cream products.
According to the IDFA, the winning entry “exemplified substantial achievement in price, or performance, significant advancement in a technology or its application or innovative design.” Dairyblend SC-ASC was expressly invented to help food formulators deliver a full bodied texture for this unique dairy food application.
“The power and versatility of Dairyblend SC-ASC is that it can be used for acid set, cultured standard and reduced fat sour cream, without the use of mono-diglyceride emulsifiers,” said Donna Klockeman PhD, dairy food scientist for TIC Gums. “This range of applications will make it more useful to sour cream makers.” Engineering texture and stability into products like sour cream early in the development process is important in the food industry. It is extremely difficult to add texture back into a formula late in the process.Food developers can generate significant innovation and product variety by focusing on the fundamental characteristics associated with texture. Traditionally, manipulating texture was often not part of a product design criteria. Or, texture was developed at the end of the development process. With more specific ways to communicate common understanding of desired texture experiences, better food products can be invented and delivered more efficiently than before.
TIC Gums scientists are at the front of food science and are leading the Texture Revolution . This initiative spawned the language of texture and provided a list of textural attributes needed to give expression to a big part of the eating and drinking experience. Introduced in June, 2011, the lexicon along with attribute maps for many, individual food products (sour cream among them) is a developmental tool for food scientists. These maps characterize, document, and help developers articulate the sensory experiences associated with food and beverages. This is the only known such compilation of its kind on the web, and is available in its entirety at no charge.
In the photo are (from left): Tom Imbordino, Publisher of Dairy Foods, Connie Tipton, IDFA President and CEO, James (Jim) Gregg and Tristan Zuber, both of TIC Gums.