Plant Equipment

GEA Niro Soavi Model NS355 has the highest capacity available, running at a maximum flow rate of 60.000 l/h. NS355 is equipped with a touch-screen panel for operating parameters’ control and adjustment. It also is integrated with an on-board diagnostic system and is prearranged for remote control and process automation. Plus, this machine is equipped with the high-efficiency NanoValve and has a planetary gearbox, making it service friendly.
GEA Niro Soavi

The CS Series Process Control Modules from Omega Engineering offer PID loop control of any process, such as control of temperature, flow and pressure, without using a PLC, whereas the single- and dual-loop temperature modules provide ramp-and-soak controls. Up to 16 modules can be attached to any CS series master to provide up to 32 independent control loops.
Omega Engineering Inc.

Neogen’s Soleris NF-TVC (total viable count) is a rapid assay that detects the growth of heterotrophic bacterial microorganisms in a wide variety of sample types. The optical assay measures microbial growth in test vials by monitoring biochemical reactions that generate a color change as microorganisms grow and metabolize. The Soleris line also includes quick, automated quality indicator system protocols for yeast and mold in 60-72 hours, coliforms in nine to 10 hours, E. coli in seven to 10 hours and lactic bacteria in 30-35 hours.
Neogen Corp.

The compact plastic case stack de-palletizing system from Westfalia Deam Systems de-palletizes three to four dairy pallets per minute, each with nine stacks of empty plastic dairy cases, for a maximum throughput rate of 180 cases per minute. Capable of handling palletized, unitized or a combination of stacks, the de-palletizer design utilizes a clamp and lift technology that maintains full stack control, thus eliminating stack tipping.
Westfalia Deam Systems

Palmer Wahl Instruments debuted the Palmer 3PC auto-ranging digital pressure test gauge, which ranges from vacuum to 3,000 psi, offers accuracy of 0.1%, and eliminates the need for many different gauges to span a large range. Meanwhile, the Palmer PP10K hydraulic calibration pump uses a patented fully-adjustable stroke control to allow for fast priming or filling of test systems, and is compatible with most hydraulic fluids, oils and water. The PP600 combo pneumatic calibration pump can create a range of vacuum 28 inches of mercury up to 6,000 psi. This pump also allows the user to choose slow or rapid pressure venting, and features a patented protective cage surrounding the vent knob for better control.
Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group

Lantech presents a patent-pending Load Seeking Clamp 4.0, designed to reduce film breaks. At the beginning of the wrap cycle, the clamp goes out to the edge of the load, creating clamp-to-load contact regardless of the width of the load. This eliminates sagging issues and maximizes containment at the bottom of the load.

Herbold Meckesheim SB Series Granulators employ a patented screw-feed mechanism, which makes them quieter and more efficient than gravity-fed, size-reduction equipment for pulverizing PET bottles and other recyclable plastics. Suitable for dry or wet operation, an SB Series Granulator is capable of processing up to 7 tons of plastic per hour.
Herbold Meckesheim USA, Resource Recycling Center

R & D Ingredients

A new clinical study shows that MixMe micronutrient powder from DSM offers hope of improving the nutritional status of populations whose diet is severely limited. MixMe, a multi-micronutrient powder launched in early 2008 in cooperation with the World Food Program, is designed to help combat iron and zinc deficiency. The new MixMe formulation used in the study contains a readily bioavailable form of iron (NaFeEDTA) plus an increased vitamin C dose along with a phytase.
DSM Nutritional Products
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Gelita collagen proteins effectively prevent syneresis, the displacement of whey to the surface in yogurt. It also optimizes ice cream texture, stabilizes whipped cream, prolongs the shelf life of bakery products, is ideal for creamy and sliceable cake fillings and durable decorative coatings and is responsible for crystal-clear thermo-reversible gel formation in gummy candies and fruit chews.
Gelita USA Inc.