Fogg Filler, Holland, Mich., redesigned its bottle rinsers to reduce consumables by 50%; 65% for older models. These changes are said to add up to major savings for customers.      

By simplifying the valving process, Fogg reduced the load on wear components in the bottle clamps, and eliminated the on/off valve so it will not need to be rebuilt. In place of the on/off valve, Fogg increased the size and effectiveness of the collection pan, which now easily drains rinsing fluids to the optional built-in rinse recovery system to filter and reuse, saving 96-98.5% of fluid. Redesigning the fluid path gave Fogg the ability to upsize the flow path compared to the competition, which means lower operating pressure extending the life of the rotary joint and improving the log reduction capability. Rinsers are achieving up to a 5-log reduction on the most stringent mold spores.

Each of these changes saves money on the initial costs of replacement parts as well as time.  

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