Omega Engineering introduces Dilbert Controlcat New Horizons, Version 28. This 150-page, full-color book showcases state-of-the-art products for automation, sanitary, temperature, electric heaters, wireless/data acquisition, pressure/strain/force and flow/level/environmental. It also includes a user-friendly index for easy product search, economical choices, popular models and accessories, 105 Dilbert cartoons and easy ordering options, including online shopping, technical assistance and fast delivery.
Omega Engineering Inc.

Delkor Systems presents a new sanitary case packer that’s designed for optimal cleanability. The case packer ensures minimized horizontal surfaces, incorporates stand-off mounting of components for open access and comes with cross members to assist with complete drainage. It also features a quick, tool-less removal of parts for sanitary wash. As for electrical components, the servo motors, gear boxes and pneumatics are all IP-69K rated, which means that these components can receive direct contact from a high-pressure hose. Other features include NEMA 4X electrical enclosures with sloped tops, stainless steel conduit and sanitary ball feet and 100% stainless steel metal components with FDA-compliant plastic components.
Delkor Systems Inc.

Spirax Sarco redesigned its 0.5-inch FTS-150 and FTS-300 float and thermostatic steam trap series to replace the OK series from a mixed material trap with a forged steel cover and stainless body to all stainless steel. This trap series does not rust like cast iron or cast steel trap models and is corrosion resistant. With its single-seated mechanism, all models of the FTS series are modulating with 100% turndown ratio on both pressure and flow. The series also has a tight shut-off on no load, resulting in instantaneous response to condensate load changes. All thermostatic air vents operate up to 572°F and remove air rapidly on startup, making it water hammer resistant and capable of withstanding superheat. This series operates with no functional steam loss and does not require a water seal or prime to close.
Spirax Sarco Inc.

The new SGi shaft grounding bearing isolator from Garlock Sealing Technologies protects bearings from electrical damage, lubricant loss and contamination.  Maintenance-free, the SGi combines the proven technologies of the Garlock Guardian non-sparking bronze labyrinth seal and the Aegis shaft grounding ring in a single unit. It is ideally suited for motors controlled by variable frequency drives, running pumps, fans, high-speed spindles and other equipment in “severe-duty” applications. Designed for long-term total bearing protection, the SGi also provides an IP56 non-contact isolation seal that withstands dust and powerful jetting liquids. It easily replaces contact lip seals and traditional bearing isolators and withstands operating temperatures from –22°F to 300°F.
Garlock Sealing Technologies

The Aegis SGR Bearing Protection Ring from Electro Static Technology protects the bearings of VFD-driven motors from electrical damage. Plus, the all-inclusive Aegis universal mounting kit (U-Kit) simplifies mounting on virtually any AC motor shaft. The ring’s conductive microfibers are securely embedded in the patented Aegis FiberLock channel and completely surround the motor shaft, providing millions of discharge points for harmful shaft currents. This unique design also creates the path of least resistance that effectively diverts these currents away from bearings to ground.
Electro Static Technology

WCB Ice Cream introduces its upgraded lab ingredient feeder, designed for development and research purposes in laboratories where the demand for small capacities, adjustability of different parameters and repeatability of processes are important. The lab ingredient feeder is ideal for mixing dry and/or liquid ingredients such as nut crumbs, chocolate pieces, fruit syrup and variegates in small capacities into ice cream. The new design features easy start-up with very low raw material requirement and good scalability to full production. Plus, the unit is fully mobile and can fill 18-100 liters of ice cream per hour.
WCB Ice Cream

FOX IV Technologies introduces the Model 5422 next-off print-and-apply labeler for printing and applying 8.5x14-inch labels. Designed for 24/7 operation in the most demanding environments, the Model 5422 uses FOX IV’s exclusive Uniwall design that mounts the Zebra 220 Xi4 printer components to a rugged industrial centerwall. Screen-printed label and ribbon paths and user-friendly keypad and menus make the Model 5422 easy to operate and maintain. The Model 5422 print-and-apply system also has print speeds up to 10 ips, print widths from 4 to 8.5 inches, label lengths to 14 inches and print resolutions of 203 dpi or 300 dpi.
FOX IV Technologies, Inc.

Cryovac BLX-F2 Automatic Bag Loader from Sealed Air offers configurable packaging options for multiple applications, including Cheddar and Italian cheeses. Users program their in-feed for both in-line and perpendicular product separation and staging, depending on the application. The loader also handles a wider range of product weights, from 8 ounces to 12 pounds, operates at speeds up to 45 cycles per minute and requires minimal time for changeovers. Plus, the touch-screen operator interface saves up to 99 different product settings, and is equipped with sensors and controls to ensure the product is correctly staged for accurate loading.
Sealed Air Corp., Cryovac Food Packaging Systems

WeldSeal from Impco is a high-performance brush-on methacrylate compound formulated for sealing porosity in welds containing gases under pressure or liquids.  WeldSeal’s low dynamic viscosity enables it to wick deeply into pores and seams and in between close-fitting ferrous metal surfaces. Cured WeldSeal forms a pressure-tight mass that withstands continuous service temperatures of up to 355° F. After WeldSeal cures, excess material on the surface is rinsed away with water, leaving the surface clean and ready for painting or other operations.
Impco Inc.

SensoryEffects Flavor Systems introduced Choco-Flakes, a line of compound coating inclusions designed to have a melt point around 80°F, making them ideal ingredients for use in ice creams or other frozen dessert systems. They are available in dark, milk and white chocolate, and can be made into other customized chocolate-based flavors such as chocolate cherry or raspberry white chocolate. Plus, Choco-Flakes is said to provide superior mouthfeel, flavor delivery and improved tolerance in application.
SensoryEffects Flavor Systems

Ascentra sodium-reducing flavor enhancer from DairiConcepts is a convenient, clean-label powdered ingredient that naturally amplifies the perception of salt and other savory nuances as it lowers sodium content. Ascentra enhances existing savory flavors, yielding a richer, more rounded flavor than is available through traditional, all-salt formulations. Ascentra also provides opportunities to lower ingredient costs by replacing higher-cost ingredients with more economical ones. Made from a proprietary, whole milk-based fermentation process, Ascentra does not contain MSG, HVP or yeast extract. Although rich in potassium, it does not contain potassium chloride, eliminating metallic flavor notes.
DairiConcepts LP

David Michael & Co. offers a line of Fresh Flavors – non-characterizing flavors that when added to a product using fruit, build back the freshness for a “just picked” sensation. Fresh Flavors also helps to reduce the slightly stale taste that juice products typically develop over the course of their shelf life. Fresh Flavors can also be combined with David Michael’s fruit WONF flavors to produce refreshing results in juices, hard candy and other food items.
David Michael & Co.