The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy will help the dairy industry harness the power of pre-competitive research and strategic insight through its sponsorship of the 2010 International Dairy Show. The show is presented by the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and will take place Sept. 13-15 in Dallas.

“Dairy farmers have made a longtime investment in consumer, nutrition and product research,” said Thomas P. Gallagher, chief executive officer of the Innovation Center and Dairy Management Inc., based in Rosemont, Ill. “With leadership and support from across the dairy value chain, the Innovation Center is helping to make that knowledge more compelling and actionable for industry to apply to their own business. This approach aligns the entire industry against common goals: to protect and grow sales for U.S. dairy. IDFA’s International Dairy Show provides a unique opportunity for the Innovation Center to share information and insights with the broader industry.”

As part of its sponsorship, the Innovation Center will present six education sessions:
•    Innovation in Dairy Snacking: Based on the $90 billion market opportunity outlined in an Innovation Center white paper, this presentation will detail new multi-phased research, and provide a strategic roadmap for dairy industry innovation.
Sept. 13, 8-8:50 a.m.
Presented by: Lynn M. Stachura, senior vice president, strategic insights, Dairy Management Inc.

•    Cheese and the Sodium Challenge:In response to a focus on sodium in the diet by public health groups, manufacturers and brands are pursuing a number of strategies to address sodium levels in their products and promote the positive nutrition benefits of cheese. This presentation will share a comprehensive marketplace audit gauging current sodium levels, as well as consumer insights and sensory work to understand the marketplace point of view.
Sept. 13, 9-9:50 a.m.
Presented by: Nigel Kirtley, vice president cheese research, development and quality, Kraft Foods; Bill Graves, senior vice president, product research, Dairy Management Inc.; and Karissa Kruse Harmon, managing director, Onit Consulting

•    Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Fluid Milk in the U.S. and Generating Business Value:The presentation will preview findings from the recently completed landmark fluid milk carbon footprint study, which will serve as the foundation for farmers, processors and others throughout the dairy supply chain to continue their commitment to sustainability’s triple bottom line: economic, social and environmental. Key projects underway for processors and manufacturers also will be highlighted.
Sept. 14, 9-9:50 a.m.
Presented by: Gail Barnes, vice president, technology and packaging, Innovation
Center for U.S. Dairy; Dr. Darin W. Nutter, associate professor mechanical engineering, University of Arkansas; Howard Depoy, director of power, refrigeration and sustainability, LALA USA; and Jim Mulvenna, president and general manager, dairy and bulk food transport division, Ruan Transport Corp.

•    Dairy’s Role in Emerging Diet Trends:This session will include a review of extensive new research on emerging consumer diet preferences and how to capitalize on dairy's inherent appeal and positive health benefits in marketing efforts.
Sept. 15, 8-8:50 a.m.
Presented by: Miriam Erickson Brown, CEO, Anderson Erickson Dairy; Lori Stanwood, senior vice president, strategic insights, Dairy Management Inc.; and Rachel Kyllo, vice president marketing, Kemps Dairy LLC

•    Milk’s Effectiveness as a Sports Recovery Drink:The results from scientific research in support of milk’s role in exercise recovery, combined with the sports nutrition perspective, will be discussed in this presentation. 
Sept. 15, 9-9:50 a.m.
Presented by: Ruth Carey, sports nutritionist, Portland Trail Blazers; and Matthew Pikosky, vice president, scientific affairs, Dairy Research Institute

•   The Hispanic Market:Attendees will get an in-depth look at the results of a recent Innovation Center white paper that examines the $900-billion-plus Hispanic market and learn about the best opportunities for dairy to gain incremental sales.
Sept. 15, 9-9:50 a.m.
Presented by: Yocasta Shames, account director, Siboney USA; and Lynn M. Stachura, senior vice president, strategic insights, Dairy Management Inc.

“The International Dairy Show provides a forum for industry members to find solutions, identify opportunities and address future challenges,” said Connie Tipton, IDFA president and CEO. “Having much of the Innovation Center’s important work presented at the show will equip show attendees with the tools they need to succeed in the marketplace.”

Attendees can visit Booth 1647 to learn more about the Innovation Center and its strategic focus areas and connect with other industry leaders.

Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy provides a forum for the dairy industry to work together pre-competitively to address barriers and opportunities to foster innovation and increase sales. The Innovation Center aligns the collective resources of the industry to offer consumers nutritious dairy products and ingredients, and promote the health of people, communities, the planet and the industry. The Board of Directors for the Innovation Center represents leaders of more than 30 key U.S. producer organizations, dairy cooperatives, processors, manufacturers and brands. The Innovation Center is staffed by Dairy Management Inc. Visit for more information about the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy.

Contact: Ashley Butzen