Celsis, the global leader in rapid microbial testing systems, introduced a range of new features for its Celsis Cellscan Innovate platform. The innovations help dairy manufacturers and packers maximize testing volume and uptime, remotely access and manage system data and comply more easily with track-and-trace regulations.

"Dairy manufacturers run complex operations, managing an increasing variety of product and packaging types. Our customers appreciate rapid testing that continues to evolve with their ever-changing industry," said Judy Madden, vice president of Chicago-based Celsis. "Celsis iDairy is a suite of enhancements for the market-leading Innovate system that will help dairy micro labs thrive in today's challenging environment by enabling them to work faster, safer and smarter."

Dairy manufacturers around the world already enjoy significant savings of time and money with Celsis Rapid Detection, including an average 5-year net present value of more than $500,000 by shortening their product testing times from four to seven days to only 24-48 hours, allowing for reduced inventories and faster response to contamination. The new features and options also help manufacturers and packagers operate more efficiently and improve their supply chain management.

Key Celsis iDairy Innovations include:
•    Multi-user database: A single, easily searchable database for multiple Celsis instruments that make internal and regulatory reporting fast and simple.
•    Secure, remote access: Monitor Celsis product quality testing results, even run queries, from a central or remote location.
•    24/7 online resource center: Compatible with new technology like the iPad, users can access system information anywhere, in real time.
•    Statistics functions: Built-in flexibility to set dynamic thresholds.

Additional features and options include a shortened yet more effective three-hour monthly maintenance protocol, an instrument cooling option for facilities running 24/7 and customized robotic auto-sampling for high-throughput operations. Celsis also has the only reagent temperature control system that maintains reagent activity for a full five days.

According to a Celsis Rapid Detection dairy user, "One of the best things about Celsis is the stability of the reagents. They produce reliable, repeatable results."

The company, a producer of a range of dairy foods and beverages, including ultra heat-treated aseptic products, had difficulties with another RMM system and made the transition to Celsis. This switch allowed the company to reduce its release time by 50% from 48 to 24 hours. The company's Innovate system recently received a free software upgrade with the new monthly cleaning protocol.

"The shorter maintenance procedure will have a big impact," said the customer. "It's great!"

Proven rugged and reliable systems plus dedicated global support make Celsis Rapid Detection the top choice of leading manufacturers around the world. Celsis Innovate systems are used to rapidly and effectively screen a growing variety of UHT, aseptic and ESL dairy, food and beverage products, including syrups, soups and broths, brewed tea, sports and nutritional drinks, pudding, infant formula, condiments and sauces, nut milks and fruit and vegetable juices, helping companies save time and money while releasing safe products to market.

For more information about Celsis iDairy Innovations or Celsis products and services for the dairy and beverage industry, please visit www.celsis.com/idairy or call 312/476-1282.