As temperatures continue to rise, more and more ice cream gets consumed. Just in time, Lovin’ Scoopful’s, Seattle, is giving consumers permission to enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures. The company’s three new gourmet light ice cream flavors have half the fat and a third fewer calories than other premium ice creams. Flavors are: Baba’s Butter Pecan Brittle (made with butter pecan brittle bits), Mad About Mud Pie (made with coffee, cookies and cream, almonds and fudge) and Rockin’ Raspberry Cheesecake (made with raspberries and cheesecake bits).

Lovin’ Scoopful’s goal is to create as many smiles as possible, not only on the faces of its customers but also on the faces of so many others that benefit from the company’s donations. Lovin’ donates 25% of its post tax profits ($50,000 minimum annually) to Special Olympics. The company believes that ice cream and Special Olympics make for a great foundation on which to build its brand. Ultimately the company hopes to introduce many products; each donating proceeds to a unique cause that helps power the human spirit.

Hicksville, N.Y.-based Kozy Shack adds Strawberry and Banana Cream flavored puddings to its 22-ounce tub line up. The strawberry flavor comes in regular and no-sugar-added varieties.  A half-cup serving of the NSA product contains only 80-calories and provides 3-grams fiber from inulin, corn starch and carrageenan. The Banana Cream variety is the most recent rotation into the company’s highly successful Limited Edition pudding and pie filling program.

BC-USA, Inc., New Holland, Pa., takes its Alouette brand of cheese to a new level with the introduction of all-natural Extra Creamy Brie. After a successful regional debut in the last quarter of 2009, the new triple creme Brie is now available nationwide in a convenient 5-ounce package perfect for snacking and personal enjoyment.

Alouette Extra Creamy Brie is a unique triple creme brie with all-natural ingredients, superb creaminess, velvety texture and a thinner rind to ensure an exceptional eating experience, according to the company. The packaging features unique parchment paper to maintain product freshness, and a protective wooden tray with an artisanal presentation. Suggested retail price is $4.99.

“As a premier leader in specialty cheese, Alouette continually strives to offer the most exceptional products that invite consumers to slow down and savor what makes life special,” says Cristina Anton Villa, director of new products. “Since the new, smaller size lends itself to more intimate dining experiences with one or two people, the Extra Creamy Brie will be a perfect alternative to the larger brie wheels currently found in the cheese case.”

Greg Gable, executive chef for Alouette, has created several serving suggestions incorporating the new Extra Creamy Brie, including wine pairings. Alouette also offers all varietal recipes, serving suggestions and nutritional values on its web site.

Global chain restaurant T.G.I. Friday’s introduces its newest retail product for entertaining: flavored Cheddar cheese dips. Available in the self-serve deli, the new refrigerated dips come in three zesty flavors: Sharp Cheddar, Buffalo Cheddar and Southwest Cheddar.

“We put tremendous energy into developing exciting and buzz-worthy retail products that keep our guests excited about the T.G.I. Friday’s brand,” says Shannon Gewinner, vice president of brand marketing for T.G.I. Friday’s USA. “Dips are such popular options for casual snacking, social parties and sporting events. We anticipate that this product will be a huge hit with consumers who want to bring the Friday’s party home.”

The new refrigerated cheese dips are available in 12-ounce containers and join the popular and successful T.G.I. Friday’s retail line that includes frozen appetizers and skillet meals, beverage blenders and mixers. 

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Noteworthy Introductions

Party Express is a new line of 27-ounce party trays featuring upscale cheeses, meats and crackers conveniently packaged for effortless entertaining.  Marketed by DCI Cheese Co., Richfield, Wis., the trays come in two varieties. They can also be customized for private label opportunities.

Heluva Good! is giving consumers yet another reason to eat chips and veggies. It has expanded its ever-growing line of real sour cream dip - just in time for barbecue season. The new Garlic & Parmesan flavor features savory pieces of garlic and Parmesan joined together with smooth sour cream.


Adding mix-ins to ice cream for texture and flavor is a time-tested strategy to differentiate product in the crowded freezer. However, mix-ins tend to come in the form of classic comfort foods, including cookies, candy bars and cakes. That’s why Gelati Sky’s Honeycomb Crunch Gelato in Australia is so unique. Actual honeycomb bits and honey are added directly to this gelato, along with milk, cream, cane sugar, caramel and chocolate pieces. But gourmet mix-ins do not come cheap. At the equivalent of $7.80 for a 500-millilter carton, Gelati Sky’s gelato is a pricey indulgence.

Most milk products with omega-3 fatty acids rely on direct fortification. However, omega-3 nutrition doesn’t have to come from an ingredient supplier. In Germany, Schwarzwälder’s Long Life Organic Pasture Milk comes from cows that feed on Black Forest pasture where the grass is naturally rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The company explains this on product labels.

Dairy products are known for delivering calcium and vitamin D, but rarely are they associated with antioxidant vitamins C and E. Japanese brand Megmilk is changing that convention with the introduction of Honey Lemon Drinking Yogurt with a Day’s Vitamin C. This single-serve drinkable yogurt contains 100 milligrams of vitamin C and 8 milligrams of vitamin E - enough for one day’s worth of nutrition, as the product name suggests. Since vitamin C is often taken to prevent colds and the flu, the product also includes honey and lemon juice, which are considered traditional healing ingredients. Although this drinkable yogurt makes no specific claims about preventing or treating illness, the message is implicit. 

Contributed by Krista Faron, senior analyst, Mintel Custom Solutions,  Global New Products Database (GNPD). For more information call 312/932-0400 or visit

Focus on Novelties

Every spring welcomes a plethora of new frozen novelties, some designed to cool you down, others to satisfy a craving. Some are even nutrition powerhouses.

Jamba Juice Co., Emeryville, Calif., and Oregon Ice Cream, Eugene, Ore., have teamed up to roll out a line of frozen fruit sorbet and frozen fruit sorbet and yogurt bars. Delivering on the same tasty, fruit-filled, wholesome fare that Jamba’s popular smoothies offer, the frozen novelty bars are available in five flavors and are formulated to offer a unique bundle of benefits to the consumer. The Jamba frozen novelty bars are all natural, are made with real fruit, provide a good source of vitamin C and contain prebiotic fiber - allowing customers to satisfy their sweet tooth without feeling guilty. Each box contains four 2.5-ounce bars and retails for around $3.99.

The sorbet bars come in two flavors: Peach Blackberry Smash and Strawberry Lemonade Swirl. The sorbet and yogurt bars come in three flavors: Vanilla Strawberry Jubilation, Vanilla Blueberry Pomegranate Perfection and Coconut Pineapple Passion Smashin’. The yogurts  also contain four probiotic yogurt cultures.

“The Jamba Bars are a unique way to bring the fun, delicious, high-quality products we offer in-store, home,” says Susan Shields, chief marketing officer at Jamba Juice.

Tom Gleason, president of Oregon Ice Cream, adds, “We were extremely careful in picking the highest-quality ingredients and combining them with the unique flavor profiles Jamba offers to create this wholesome and delicious treat. We absolutely believe that dessert can be fun and guilt-free at the same time.”

Mars Chocolate North America, Hackettstown, N.J., adds the decadent Cafe Collection to its Dove Ice Cream Miniatures line. The new flavors are Java Chip and Cappuccino. At only 70 calories each, Dove Ice Cream Miniatures feature full indulgent ice cream wrapped in real Dove chocolate.

The Nestlé Drumstick brand introduces the sweet and timeless flavors of s’mores and caramel to their popular lineup of Nestlé Drumstick Lil’ Drums sundae cones. The new S’mores and Caramel Variety Pack includes two creamy selections with the same decadent taste experience of traditional Nestlé Drumstick cones, but in a smaller snack size. Each box contains 10 cones that are 120 calories or less, varying by variety.

The s’mores variety gives the nostalgic campfire favorite a new twist with rich chocolate swirled into creamy marshmallow. The new caramel flavor is spun with smooth, golden caramel. Both flavors are topped off with crunchy graham cracker pieces for true Nestlé Drumstick delight.

Ciao Bella, Florham Park, N.J., debuted numerous frozen novelties at Natural Products Expo West. Available for summer 2010, the company is making six of its top-selling flavors now available in on-the-go, single-serve cups. The flavors are: Alphonso Mango sorbet, Chocolate Hazelnut gelato, Sicilian Blood Orange sorbet, Sicilian Lemon sorbet, Tahitian Vanilla gelato and Turkish Pistachio gelato.

The company also has three new novelty snack items: Blood Orange Bars, Key Lime Graham Gelato Squares and Chocolate-dipped Tahitian Vanilla Raspberry Gelato Dips. Based on Ciao Bella’s most popular and innovative flavors, the new novelty items offer a unique twist on old favorites.