Alouette spreadable cheese brand from BC-USA Inc., New Holland, Pa., introduces a line of fresh cheese crumbles in seven traditional and seasoned varieties.

Alouette spreadable cheese brand from BC-USA Inc., New Holland, Pa., introduces a line of fresh cheese crumbles in seven traditional and seasoned varieties: All-Natural Blue Cheese, All-Natural Feta, All-Natural Feta with Garlic and Herbs, All-Natural Gorgonzola, Feta Mediterranean, Goat Cheese and Goat Cheese Provencal.  All varieties are available in easy-to-use packaging that features a resealable, shaker-top for easy sprinkling on everyday foods. Suggested retail price for the Alouette Crumbles range from $2.69 for the 4-ounce feta varieties to $3.29 for the 4-ounce blue cheese and Gorgonzola varieties to $3.89 for the 3.5-ounce goat cheese varieties.

“Our Alouette consumers love to slow down and savor life, especially by entertaining friends, experimenting with new recipes and augmenting everyday meal occasions with a special touch,” says Rafael Lampon, marketing director. “Our new line of crumbled cheeses provides seven great flavors for cheese lovers to use conveniently and quickly to add that ‘something extra’ to countless foods - whether it be omelets, pasta dishes, salads or pizza.”

Lowell European Classic Yogurts debuted at the Fancy Food Show in New York in June. The all-natural probiotic yogurts are produced by Lowell International Foods, Franklin Park, Ill., a premium specialty food importer and producer. Made using a proprietary European recipe that took two years to develop, the yogurts marry nature-ripened fruits sourced in Europe with farm-fresh, rBST-free milk from Wisconsin. They are available in both non-fat and whole milk varieties in eight vibrant fruit flavors that include black currant, blueberry, cherry, peach, plum, raspberry, strawberry and vanilla. A plain yogurt is available in whole milk as well.

Groupe Lactalis, a leading European dairy based in France and one of the largest cheese producers in the world, markets a range of Président brand specialty cheeses. The company operates in the United States as Lactalis Deli Inc., New York, and imports cheese from France, as well as crafts cheeses in America’s dairy lands of Wisconsin and California. The company’s most recent domestic innovation is Président Spreadable Feta, which delivers a creative solution for jazzing up sandwiches, appetizers and entrees, with all the great taste of traditional feta. With just 4 grams of fat per tablespoon, it has half the fat of real mayonnaise.

“Feta lovers have been saying for years how they love using feta cheese in recipes because of its fresh, dense flavor. But because of its crumbly texture, it was hard to use it in anything besides salad and pasta,” says Marjolaine Besnard, senior product manager. “Now, it’s easier than ever for consumers to add a little bit of Greek flavor to their favorite foods.”

Kellogg Co., Battle Creek, Mich., introduces the Special K brand’s first weight-management protein shake, which features a proprietary protein blend of nonfat milk, whey protein concentrate and soy protein isolate, and fiber, primarily from polydextrose.

The new protein shakes are the perfect grab-and-go breakfast for on-the-go women. Each shake is ready to drink and comes in a convenient, single-serving, reclosable plastic bottle - giving women the perfect partner for all-day, weight-management success. Each meal replacement shake contains 10 grams of protein and five grams of fiber to help take the edge off hunger. And at 180 calories for French Vanilla and Strawberry, and 190 calories for Milk Chocolate, the shakes contain vitamins A, C, D and E, along with other nutrients like calcium necessary for women managing their weight.

“The Special K brand is excited to introduce new Special K Protein Shakes to give weight managers yet another simple, all-day, weight-management solution that doesn’t sacrifice great taste,” says LaKesha Hatch, brand manager.

As the weather cools the leaves start to fall and pumpkins come to mind. Organic yogurt maker Stonyfield Farm, Londonderry, N.H., is releasing a deliciously smooth and creamy Pumpkin Pie flavored yogurt, so you can enjoy this favorite cold-weather dessert flavor without any guilt. This limited edition low-fat yogurt is available through December. With a unique and festive packaging that pops on the shelf, Pumpkin Pie replaces Raspberry Lemonade, the company’s spring/summer seasonal flavor.

“This holiday season, you can enjoy a comforting taste of home and receive essential health benefits by treating yourself to our organic Pumpkin Pie yogurt,” says Stonyfield Farm President and CE-Yo Gary Hirshberg.  

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Noteworthy Introductions

Pomegranate and blueberry join plain, peach and strawberry flavors, growing South Hackensack, N.J.-based Evolve Kefir’s product line. Containing 11 live active cultures, many recognized as being probiotic, Evolve Kefir is high in calcium, a good source of low-fat protein and an excellent source of dietary fiber.

Hiland Dairy, Springfield, Mo., is expanding its full-service line of products to include a new Jalapeño Fiesta Dip. This is the fifth dip in their line, which also includes Southwest Ranch, French Onion, Sour Cream and Chives, and Light French Onion. All varieties are made with real sour cream from local dairies and come in 16-ounce tubs.


Although most women do not get enough calcium, few dairy products are targeted specifically to their needs. Foods and drinks designed for aging women are especially hard to find. That’s why Danone’s Densia in Spain fills a particularly important void. This yogurt is targeted to women more than 40-years old and contains a double dose of calcium (400 milligrams) and vitamin D (5 milligrams) for calcium absorption. The product name relays to women that the yogurt is all about improving bone density.

Danone appeals to women in Poland and the Czech Republic with a new Activia variety: Aloe Vera with Pomegranate. Aloe vera is well-known as a skin-enhancing, beautifying ingredient, while pomegranate is a superfruit loaded with antioxidants that are said to reduce the signs of aging. Like all Activia products, this one makes the same digestive health claims.

S-Demes Dairy in Hungary takes a traditional single-serve yogurt and covers it with a plastic holder designed to look like characters from Winnie the Pooh. Holders slip off the cup and can be collected by children.

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Focus on Ice Cream

Last fall, Carvel Ice Cream, Atlanta, introduced Lil’ Rounders miniature novelties. The most recent addition to this new line is now making its grand entrance combining two distinct and admired American flavors: Oreos and Carvel’s premium soft-serve ice cream. Carvel’s new Oreo Lil’ Rounders are made with rich, creamy vanilla soft-serve ice cream sandwiched between two Oreo wafers.

“Lil’ Rounders have quickly become a great option for Carvel customers seeking a take-home treat in a smaller portion size,” says Lori Peterson, vice president of marketing. “The distinct Oreo flavor is a nice addition and with 18 in a pack, guests can treat a larger group or save them in their freezer at home for a midnight snack.”

Chocolate chip mint is among the top-five ice cream flavors sold in the United States, a fact not lost by Meijer Stores, Grand Rapids, Mich., which now offers the Mint Moose Tracks flavor of ice cream as a Premium Meijer brand product. It’s a new take on an old favorite, featuring a blend of decadent mint-flavored ice cream with swirls of dark chocolate Moose Tracks Fudge and mint milk chocolate candy cups. Meijer Premium Mint Moose Tracks ice cream retails for $2.99 per half gallon, and is available at all Meijer Supercenters throughout  the Midwest.

“Our premium Meijer brand ice creams do really well, particularly in the summer months,” says Frank Guglielmi, director of public relations for Meijer. “But the Mint Moose Tracks exceeded our expectations and then some. It’s quickly become one of our best selling flavors of ice cream.”

For the past year, Whole Foods Market Inc., Austin, Texas, has been importing Cyclops Organic Greek Style Frozen Yogurt from Serra Natural Foods Ltd., Christchurch, New Zealand. The company makes a European-style fresh yogurt using a family recipe and organic New Zealand fresh milk. This is the base for the frozen product. Described as probiotic, the frozen yogurt pints come in five flavors: banana, coffee, mango, raspberry and strawberry. Ingredient statements indicate that both banana and mango contain 5.5% organic pureed fruit, while raspberry contains 4.1% and strawberry 4.3%. The coffee flavor contains 1% organic coffee.

Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream Inc., Oakland, Calif., a division of Nestlé USA, which is owned by Nestlé S.A. of Vevey, Switzerland, is ringing in the holiday season with the debut of Slow Churned Hot Cocoa light ice cream, a festive new twist on a traditional favorite. With sweet and fluffy marshmallows swirled into a creamy chocolate light ice cream, Hot Cocoa dishes up the same rich flavor of regular ice cream with half the fat and one-third fewer calories, making it the ultimate guilt-free holiday treat. Hot Cocoa joins other popular limited edition Slow Churned varieties including Eggnog, Peppermint and Pumpkin Pie.