Danisco broke ground on a major plant expansion at the Danisco cultures plant in Madison, Wis., which is part of the $90 million Danisco investment to expand its cultures capacity worldwide. The new Madison facilities are expected to go into operation in August 2010 to meet the growing U.S. demand for frozen Direct Vat Inoculants cultures of the highest quality standard. The investment also includes one of the largest ultra-cold storages and pelletizing production rooms in the United States.

“In addition to the capacity expansion, this investment will deeply remodel our Madison site. It will allow us to optimize production and logistics flows using best-in-class food safety standards and improve overall working conditions,” says Eloi Fontaine, Madison plant manager.

The planned expansion will increase the surface of the Madison manufacturing site by nearly a third with a new shipping area, offices, maintenance shop and storage and pelletizing area.

“This investment reflects the strong commitment that Danisco has always demonstrated to Madison since acquiring local operations in 2004,” says Doug Willrett, executive vice president for the cultures division.