Processors looking for the latest in reclosable tray & lid packaging will find it in an advanced new solution from Curwood. New EZ Peel®/Reseal lidstock for semi-rigid or rigid trays offers superior re-tack for multiple closures, with the added benefits of enhanced sustainability, shelf life, shelf impact and productivity. The resealable system is ideal for multi-serving foods like sliced meats and cheeses, as well as for multi-packs of consumer goods like razors and batteries.

New EZ Peel/Reseal lidstock features a proprietary resealable pressure-sensitive adhesive layer engineered within the film. This allows the film itself to be fusion sealed to the tray even through contamination, creating a hermetic package with superior barrier. The pressure-sensitive layer is then exposed when the lidstock is peeled back, creating exceptional resealability for multiple re-tacks with only fingertip pressure.

“With smooth opening and reliable closure, the EZ Peel/Reseal system delivers the convenience consumers demand and supports the brand promise,” says Dave Engen, market manager at Curwood. “Every time the consumer goes to get another serving out of that package, it reinforces their choice to buy that brand.”

The new EZ Peel/Reseal system was initially launched in Europe with remarkable success. It replaced well-established rigid and semi-rigid tray & lid packaging for items such as sliced cheese and deli meat with a more eco-friendly and reliable package.

With new EZ Peel/Reseal films, processors can meet cost and sustainability goals in multiple ways. The lidstock is printable and features excellent barrier properties, eliminating the need for costly secondary packaging to deliver messaging or extend shelf life. In addition, there is no need for zippers, sliders or pre-made labels or lids that add material, labor and machinery costs.

Aesthetically, the new EZ Peel/Reseal system offers numerous opportunities for marketers to differentiate their brands on shelf. Lidstock is printable in up to 10 colors to create an outstanding billboard effect. Superior clarity highlights the quality of the products inside, with anti-fog and anti-grease features available to maintain clarity throughout the distribution cycle. The rigid packaging material is available as rollstock or pre-made trays, in clear, pigmented or custom colors to create a unique brand look.

From a production standpoint, new EZ Peel/Reseal film’s peelability and resealability are independent of seal temperature, pressure or dwell time, allowing faster line speeds and fewer rejects. New EZ Peel/Reseal films can be run on existing equipment, typically with minimal machine modifications.

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