Ingredia Dairy Ingredients
Prodiet® F200 is a dried milk protein hydrolysate that has anxiolytic properties. This bioactive peptide has been shown in clinical studies to decrease anxiety, and therefore reduce stress, a major health issue amongst consumers in today’s over-worked society. Prodiet F200 is already used in dietary supplements, and has application in beverages, chocolate, cookies and dairy products.

Ingredia Dairy Ingredients
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Soyafibe-S is a soluble polysaccharide extracted and refined from soybeans. It has a relatively low viscosity and high stability as an aqueous solution. Under acidic conditions, Soyafibe-S prevents protein particles from cohering and precipitating. It also acts as an emulsifier and stabilizer. In yogurt drinks, addition of just 0.4% Soyafibe-S results in a smooth, creamy beverage.

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Degussa BioActives introduces the Pro-Tech culture series. This rotation of concentrated direct-set cultures has been specifically formulated for the challenging environments frequently encountered in manufacturing Cheddar-type cheeses. Pro-Tech cultures have been shown to work in situations when other cultures have failed. Pro-Tech cultures are recommended as a primary starter program, as well as for plants that keep direct-set cultures on hand as back up for a bulk starter program. All Pro-Tech cultures are available in concentrated frozen pellet form in 500g jars, with a single jar able to set about 13,000-14,000 lb milk.

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With increased consumer attention towards trans and saturated fat content of foods, manufacturers are looking for healthful fat alternatives. Benefat® from Danisco helps meet this consumer demand without complicated reformulation. Unlike other products on the market, generally recognized as safe (GRAS) Benefat is a true fat. Benefat can reduce nearly half the fat calories in a product without compromising the taste, texture and mouthfeel properties of full fat that consumers prefer. Benefat opens up a wide spectrum of product development opportunities for those wishing to take advantage of consumers conflicting desires for indulgent tasting foods with healthy nutritional profiles.


The recent launch of Yo-Flex®—a new generation of yogurt cultures from Chr. Hansen—offers exciting possibilities to dairies looking to manufacture products with less fat and less additives. Yo-Flex cultures develop a very mild flavor and have high-texturing properties, which make it possible to reduce or even replace the use of additives like stabilizers or gelling agents. This is particularly attractive in children’s products. Furthermore, minimal post-acidification guarantees longer shelflife of products. Yo-Flex cultures also offer a high mouthfeel and creaminess to low-fat products, attributes that have been very difficult to obtain with traditional cultures

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Robertet introduces the company’s latest take on citrus flavors with the formulation of the pummelo flavor. The pummelo, Citrus maxima, is the largest of all citrus fruits and is believed to be the ancestor to the grapefruit. It is considered a delicacy by the Chinese, as well as a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. The pummelo has a sweet grapefruit flavor profile, but is less acidic and less bitter than grapefruit. Applications include dairy beverages and yogurt.

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