The Center for Global Food Issues is promoting its "Milk is Milk" campaign again, and now it is using outdoor advertisement.

The anti-organic group is part of the Washington-based Hudson Institute, and receives funding from Monsanto Corp., has unveiled two of three billboards in California that will promote the campaign. The group says the mission of "Milk is Milk" is to reveal what it sees as false claims by marketers of organic and natural dairy products.

"These billboards will serve an important purpose," said CGFI's Director of Research and Education Alex Avery. "The fact is, milk is milk. And no matter what certain labels imply, no milk contains pesticides, antibiotics, or artificial hormones, and all milk-including organic milk-contains natural hormones."

Avery said the location would help the group reach a large number of dairy producers as well as consumers who buy organic. The group hosts a website, and has exhibited at dairy industry events including Worldwide Food Expo.