Velvet Walgreen's; Mo(o)re Bella; Cheesy Perfume; Russian Ice Cream; Dairy Summit In China

Velvet Walgreen's

Velvet Ice Cream Co., a family-owned ice-cream maker based in Utica Ohio, will soon be selling ice cream to Walgreen Co. Velvet will sell its products in 28 Walgreen drugstores in the Columbus area, says Luconda Dager, Velvet's v. p. of sales and marketing.

Mo(o)re Bella

The MooBella ice cream vending machine was causing a stir at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago last month. The sophisticated system, which produces fresh-made ice cream from mix, grabbed headlines earlier this year at a vending automation show in Boston, and repeated its performance in Chicago.

Cheesy Perfume

The UK's Stilton Cheese Makers Association has launched a new advertising campaign around a perfume it has produced called Eau de Stilton. The scent includes yarrow, angelica seed, clary sage and valerian and has been blended by ID Aromatics, based in Manchester, northern England, and it may go into regular production.

Russian Ice Cream

Ice cream production in Russia rose 9.7% on the year to 60,750 tons in January-March, according to the Russian Union of Ice Cream Producers. In 2005, ice cream production in Russia rose just 2%-2.5%.

Dairy Summit In China

The 27th World Dairy Congress and the World Dairy Summit of the International Dairy Federation will be held in Shanghai from Oct. 20 to 23.