The 2003 Marschall Seminar enters its 40th year with a name change in celebration of the program's history and the evolving dairy industry. Now called the Marschall Cheese and Dairy Expo, the program includes other changes such as an expanded seminar and workshop program. The program addresses calcium fortification and probiotics, and includes a manager-level workshop. Other topics include salt brine systems, Cheddar cheese quality and bacteria phage, as well as improving yogurt consistency, antimicrobials and HACCP.

The Marschall Cheese & Dairy Expo will be held September 17-18, at the Visalia Convention Center in Visalia, Calif. The show is co-sponsored by Rhodia Inc., Cranbury, N.J., and the California Dairy Research Foundation (CDRF).

"Throughout the years of industry change, the Marschall seminar has represented a place to discuss and see current and new technologies," says Dave Potter, business development mgr., for Rhodia's dairy business. "Rhodia is proud to continue this tradition with the Marschall Cheese and Dairy Expo."

Named for Adolph J. Marschall, founder of Marschall Labs and an industry pioneer who helped define and revolutionize the industry, the Marschall program is dedicated to innovation. Each year, program sponsors bring together global researchers and experts to share the latest in technology and science with members of the dairy and cheese industry. This is not the first name change over the program's four decades. Ever since its inception, the program has changed with the needs of the industry, beginning as the Marschall Italian Cheese Seminar and evolving to include specialty cheese and then opening to the entire cheese marketplace.

"The new name is a reflection of changes happening in the industry as a whole," says Joseph O'Donnell, executive dir., CDRF. "By expanding our focus to encompass all dairy products, and adding the hot topics of calcium fortification and probiotics, we are ensuring that the program remains a viable, valuable tool for the industry."

Pre-event activities, including an open scramble golf outing and Cal Poly short course, take place on Tuesday, September 16. Program information is available by calling 574/264-2557 or visiting