McConnell's Fine Ice Creams introduced four new ice creams. McConnell's Family Dairy uses 100% certified organic ingredients, like raw milk & cream, from start to finish to create its Organic Fine Ice Creams ($12.99 SRP). Offering artisanal organic options, the Organic Fine Ice Creams feature premium, house-made or carefully sourced inclusions and variegates, in these flavors:

  • BROWNIES, COOKIES & FUDGE: McConnell’s-own, house-baked brownies and chocolate chunk cookies, folded into lightly salted, organic sweet cream, and topped with swirls of delicious, organic, gooey chocolate fudge.
  • CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER BROWNIE: Decadent, organic dark cocoa, melted into organic, grass-fed milk & cream, then paired with thick, creamy peanut butter, and studded with rich, chocolaty, house-baked brownies.
  • GOLDEN STATE VANILLA: A vanilla fanatic’s vanilla – assertive, rich and floral with Madagascar (Bourbon) vanilla sourced from our fifty-plus year partner, vanilla guru R.R. Lochhead. Au revoir to all “French” vanillas. This one’s California gold.
  • STRAWBERRIES & SHORTBREAD COOKIES: Picked-at-their-peak, impossibly ripe, organic Santa Barbara strawberries, cooked down to jammy perfection, then stirred into decadent, organic, sweet cream ice cream, and accompanied by chunks of house-baked shortbread cookies.

The Organic Ice Cream Pints will be available for purchase on June 2 on McConnell’s website and Southern California scoop shops and at Gelson's Market.