gea 3a varicoverGEA Flow Components has been a consistent leader with sanitary components in the dairy industry and now has set the bar again with their latest product recovery system. It is the first system to be certified under the new 2012 3-A sanitary standard 101-00 for Pipeline Product Recovery Equipment Using Projectiles. This system is suitable for any dairy application where valuable, viscous products are pushed out of pipes using another medium without intermixing.

Our fully automatic product recovery systems are integrated into closed, fixed piped systems and are completely compatible with CIP/SIP operations. The dimensionally stable and product compatible pig pushes the remaining product out of the pipe. A small film of residual product is left and can be easily removed by CIP cleaning. The product left in the pipe at the end of production is almost completely recovered, thereby reducing the waste water load drastically.

The advantages of these efficient recovery systems include the reduction of product losses, waste water load, cleaning water and detergent consumption, as well as reduced production downtimes.

GEA Flow Components is committed to economic efficiency, sustainability and engineering products that are environmentally compatible as well as meeting industry the latest 3-A sanitary standards.

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