Asian Flavored Milk

Elovi Alezo Milk Beverage

Sua Tuoi Nguyen Ken Huong Vani is a vitamin- and mineral-enriched milk beverage that contains omega-3 and lysine. It is sold under the Elovi Alezo brand name by Elovi Food & Beverage Co., Ltd., Hanoi, Vietnam.
Each 180 milliliter carton of the full-cream vanilla-flavored milk sells for 5,500 VND (Vietnamese dong, about 35 cents U.S.).

Sirichai Pasteurized Goat Milk

The Sirichai brand of pasteurized goat milk beverages has added two new flavors to its line, marketed in Thailand. Chocolate and Honey varieties are sold in chilled 190 milliliter plastic bottles at 20 THB (Thai bahts, about 50 cents U.S.) each.
These beverages are manufactured by Mah Boonkrong Dairy Goats Co. Ltd.

Koiwai Chocolat au Lait

This milk drink is the first of a new luxury series made from fresh milk blended with chocolate and flavored with almonds and coffee. The product’s name, Chocolat au Lait Honnori Almond, means chocolate milk with a hint of almond. With a chilled shelf life of 60 days, each 200 milliliter cup sells for 140 yen (about $1.18 U.S.).
Pang Pang Flavored Milk
South Korea
Pang Pang Flavored Milk is now being offered to consumers in South Korea in a special variety four-pack. Each pack includes three 240 milliliter cartons of chocolate-flavored milk and one carton of café mocha.
Produced in South Korea by Pang Pang, the combo pack is priced at 1,250 KRW (South Korean won, about $1.30 U.S.).  
SOURCE: Productscan Online
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