Collegiate Dairy Evaluation Competition

Middle Tennessee State Grabs Back-to-Back Honor

For the second year in a row, a team of dairy science students from Middle Tennessee State University has won the all product prize in the Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Contest, sponsored by the Foundation of the Food Processing Suppliers Assn.

The top individual contestant was Jonah King of South Dakota State.

For winning the all-products team title, Middle Tennessee State was granted a $2,000 scholarship in memory of Shirley Seas, a dairy science professor and longtime collegiate contest coach at South Dakota State University.

The contest was held in Oct. 2007 at Process Expo/Pack Expo Las Vegas. It is co-sponsored by the American Dairy Science Assn., and USDA.

Charles White and Tim Redd received the Aurelia and George Weigold Coach’s Award, which goes to the coach or coaches of the winning all-products team.

Taking second place in all products was the Clemson University team, coached by John McGregor, Brad Ballieu and Judith Trevino. Third place went to South Dakota State and coach Bob Baer.

The competition featured students from 20 colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, and China. There were 58 undergraduate students in the competition, and five graduate students competed separately.

Industry judges from some of the top companies and educational institutions in the country set the criteria against which the student judges were evaluated.

The top individual student judge in all products was Jonah King of South Dakota State, who scored in the top 10 of 58 contestants in all six product categories-milk, yogurt, Cheddar cheese, butter, ice cream and cottage cheese.

Mack Haynes of Middle Tennessee State took second place in the individual competition. Third place went to fellow Middle Tennessee student Greg Blankenship.

Among the Graduate students, Elizabeth Ng of California Polytechnic State University had the top ranking for all products.

The 87th Contest will be held in Chicago, Nov. 9 – 13. If you have questions about this year’s Collegiate Contest, please contact Matilda Harvey of FPSA at 703/761-2600 or

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Team Rankìngs - Mìlk

1. Middle Tennessee St
2. South Dakota State
3. Virgina Tech
4. Michigan State
5. Nanjing University
6. Clemson
7. Cal Poly 
8. Mississippi State
9. Manitoba
10. Alberta

Graduate Rankìngs - All Products

1. Elizabeth Ng - Cal Poly
2. Robert Anderson - Mississippi State
3. Ashish Pandit - South Dakota State
4. Luis Jimenez-Maroto - Wisconsin
5. Victoria Spradling – Missouri

Collegìate Daìry Products Evaluatìon Contest

All products Team Rankings

1. Middle Tennessee
2. Clemson
3. South Dakota State
4. MichiganState
5.  Mississippi State
6.  Cal Poly
7. Missouri
8. Manitoba
9. Tennessee
10. Nanjing University
11. Wisconsin
12. Louisiana State
13. Virginia Tech
14. Alberta
15. Modesto Junior College
16. Florida
17. SUNY - Cobleskill
18. Southern Illinois
19. North Carolina A&T
20. Virginia State

Top 20 Indìvìdual Rankìngs - All Products

1. Jonah King South Dakota State
2. Mack Haynes Middle Tennessee State
3. Greg Blackenship Middle Tennessee State
4. Sara Stancil Clemson
5. Abby Culin Clemson
6. Tori Boomgaarden South Dakota State
7. Maris McCarthy Cal Poly
8. Liz Fenner Missouri
9. Scott Moosekian Michigan State
10. Sara Magers Michigan State
11. Katie Horm Clemson
12. Tony Garcia Mississippi State
13. Myricle McKibbins Mississippi State
14. Jennifer Dudenhoeffer Missouri
15. Derek Griesse South Dakota State
16. Zane popwèll Mississippi State
17. Yuan Hoilg Nanjing University
18. Stephen Weststeyn Cal Poly
19. Amanda Liewen Wisconsin
20. Katherine Cooke Manitoba