June 10th - 12th, 2024
Saint Paul, MN
Membrane Forum

New Membrane Technology speaker announced

Speech will take place on Wednesday June 14 from 3:55-4:25 p.m. at the Minneapolis Marriott City Center in Minneapolis.

Membrane Technology Forum

Devesh Mittal of Aquatech will deliver a Day 3 speech titled "Advancement in Minimum and Zero Liquid Discharge," during the Membrane Technology Forum. His speech will take place on Wednesday June 14 from 3:55-4:25 p.m. at the Minneapolis Marriott City Center in Minneapolis. 

What will be covered

The rising concern from the public about the impact of wastewater discharge on the environment, paired with rising discharge regulations, has forced dairy product producers to mandate initiatives for reducing water discharge through recycling and reuse to reduce their environmental footprint and improve sustainability credentials. Companies are looking to achieve minimal/zero liquid discharge (MLD/ZLD), a treatment process in which all wastewater is treated and recycled, leaving minimal to zero discharge at the end of the treatment cycle. 

MLD/ZLD is an advanced treatment methodology that includes biological pretreatment, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, evaporation/crystallization, and fractional electro-deionization. A system is classified as MLD/ZLD if it (1) eliminates a liquid wastewater discharge, (2) generates solids for landfill disposal or reuse, and (3) recycles high-quality water that can be beneficially reused. 

This presentation will explore the latest membrane technologies being deployed for MLD/ZLD applications, including membrane bioreactors, hollow fiber ultrafiltration, advanced recovery reverse osmosis, concentrate recycle reverses, and advanced vacuum membrane distillation. Examples will detail specific membrane designs and outcomes for projects involving wastewater from dairy product producers, biofuels manufacturers, and industrial facilities. 

Who should attend

Staff dealing with water and wastewater facility operations, permitting, regulatory and water paucity challenges. These challenges apply to both existing operations and greenfield projects or expansions.

The Membrane Technology Forum is presented by Dairy Foods and the American Dairy Products Institute.

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