Membrane Technology Forum

Membrane Technology Forum

Todd Hutson
Managing Director, Tetra Pak

Todd Hutson has been in the membrane filtration industry for over 30 years. He brings a lot of experience in a variety of applications both dairy and non-dairy. He currently is the managing director of the Tetra Pak Filtration Solutions group here in the USA.


Ceramic Membranes for Bacteria Removal

Consumers are demanding high-quality food and beverage products more than ever before. Increased demand for low-spore powders, shelf-stable dairy and plant-based products and zero-defect cheese are driving the need for bacteria-removing production solutions. A ceramic membrane system, known as a “Bactocatch”, can be used to produce these high-value products. A Bactocatch works at high temperatures and has a uniform pore size distribution, removing bacteria and spores from dairy streams at 5-7 log reduction. Tetra Pak offers several filtration line solutions, including microfiltration ceramic membrane systems, the ideal technology for bacteria and spore removal.