Membrane Technology Forum

Membrane Technology Forum

Ryan Hertel
Global Product Line Director – Filtration, SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions

Ryan is the SUEZ sales manager for sanitary markets in North America. He leads sales of spiral wound membrane elements and membrane bio-reactors by providing technical and commercial assistance for partners. His responsibilities include business development for new partners and expansion of product portfolio for existing partners.


Choosing between minimize electrical demand or increasing production capabilities when making existing NF/RO machines more energy efficient

This presentation will review what drives electrical demand for membrane separation. We will explore process improvements that can be made that would either reduce the energy requirements or in some cases enable for more production. We will look at the setpoints and how those are controlled from a membrane performance perspective. After this we will review the relationship between the factors that drive separation and the membrane selected, and lastly will we look at the efficiency of the membrane elements managing flow in membrane plants.