Membrane Technology Forum

Membrane Technology Forum

Oliver Réglat
F&B Industry Manager, Krohne, Inc.

Dr. Réglat obtained a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the École Polytechnique de Montréal (Canada), in 1997, where he contributed to the development of new technologies for process viscosity measurement.

During 17 years, Dr. Réglat participated in numerous projects in wide variety of industries (dairy, beer, cosmetics, oils …). Passionate about fluid mechanics, he used his knowledge and know-how to provide innovative solutions for the in-line viscosity measurement.

He joined KROHNE Inc. in 2013, and now acts as Food and Beverage Industry Manager, to provide with his team creative and progressive instrumentation solutions to the food and beverage industry.


Real Time Efficiency Measurement of a Concentration Membrane

Monitoring in real time the membrane separation efficiency makes it possible to optimize the process operating conditions, in terms of flow rate, pressure or even temperature, and will prevent accelerating the fouling phenomenon. The resulting benefits are the production capability, maintenance cost optimization, and energy cost savings. We will review different applications of membrane concentration, and will highlight how good process instrumentation usage can lead to better operation control, by measuring the membrane efficiency in real time, running at the highest limit of operability, detect miss function and optimize cleaning frequencies.