Membrane Technology Forum

Membrane Technology Forum

Keith Kinch
Global Marketing Director of Product Management & Customer Innovation, Solecta

As Global Marketing Director of Product Management and Customer Innovation, Keith’s role with Solecta is to translate market trends and customer’s complex challenges into differentiated solutions. Prior to joining Solecta, Keith had marketing leadership roles with Xylem and Nalco Water, where he was responsible for developing and commercializing solutions for customers in both municipal and industrial markets. Earlier in his career, Keith had technical and operational roles that helped formulate a heightened sense of customer empathy. He has a BS in Environmental Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from Pennsylvania State University.


Creating Unique Solutions through Co-Creation

The philosophy of “build it and they will come” has been replaced with the concept of client-driven innovation. Collaborating with clients to tackle their unmet needs ensures that the right problems are being solved, the right metrics are being tracked, and the right conditions are utilized. Collaborative innovation also increases the quantity and quality of ideas, reduces risk and accelerates the timeline for validation and launch. Solecta will share the co-creation process it has developed and concrete examples that have produced new membrane solutions that uniquely solved client problems by first clearly identifying and defining the compelling unmet need and the process constraints and metrics around it, and then utilizing a formal innovation process. By looking holistically at the client’s needs and their system and bringing the best minds and players together from within Solecta and externally to solve and innovate, Solecta is able to create unique solutions in the separations market.