Membrane Technology Forum

Membrane Technology Forum

Gabe Miller
Independent Consultant, EAS Consulting Group LLC

Gabe has been developing and implementing cleaning and sanitizing equipment in the Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical industries for 34 years, following 12 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry as a Pharmaceutical / Sr. Technical Engineer.

He spent 8 years at Sani-Matic, and 17 years at Ecolab in many roles, specifying, developing, and implementing cleaning systems, process piping, process controls, and data acquisition systems. In addition, Gabe has provided training support for Ecolab’s customer training program, and has also presented CIP seminars at the University of WI, University of MN, Purdue University, UT-Knoxville, pharmaceutical industry ISPE training programs in the U.S. and Europe, FDA & various state regulatory groups, and the 2004 IDF conferences in Australia.

He is active in the 3-A Standards organization as a member of several Working Groups, and chairs Working Group #11 for Process Practices and Working Group #14 for the 3-A General Standards. He is also a Certified Conformance Evaluator for 3-A Standards, evaluating Food & Beverage manufacturer’s equipment for conformance with 3-A Standards.

He holds five (5) patents, ranging from medical devices to cleaning systems, and has developed many sanitary and aseptic proprietary processes.

Currently he is the owner of Process Innovation – Food Safety, LLC, providing sanitary design guidance, training, sanitation troubleshooting audits, and 3-A Third Party Verification (TPV) inspections.


Sanitary Design of Membrane Systems for Food Safety

Cross-flow membrane systems are used throughout the food, dairy, beverage, and pharmaceutical processing industries from the simple production of bottled water to yogurt to the whey protein concentrates used in tablets and food supplements. These membrane systems are very complex, and improper operation or cleaning can foul the membranes to the point that they must be replaced.

Cleaning and Sanitizing are an essential part of every process operation, and in conventional hygienic process systems the surfaces can be directly inspected or swabbed for proper cleaning performance. However, in membrane process systems, the surfaces cannot be directly inspected, and the operator must rely on the system parameters to verify that cleaning has been properly performed.

This seminar will cover the application of cross-flow membrane system technology in milk, juice, water, and other food processing operations. This subject will include terminology, sanitary design requirements, system configuration, cleaning & sanitizing, and troubleshooting