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Stephan Doerries
Lead Chemist, Ecolab, Food & Beverage Division, RD&E, Global Membrane Cleaning Center of Excellence

Since 8+ years I am positive-infected by Membrane Technology. Membrane technology helps to solve the global core challenges like water shortage. I started my career on the development and characterizing of membranes and developed to manage global innovation projects within the Food & Beverage membrane cleaning space as Lead Chemist at the Ecolab Global Membrane Cleaning Center of Excellence.


Opportunities and Challenges of Membrane Cleaning

Main challenge in membrane operations in various industries from e.g. food & beverages till biotech applications is to design chemical cleaning-in-place (CIP) regimes to effectively remove fouling layers developed during production. This presentation focus on key requirements in modern membrane processes and on outlook of future developments utilizing innovative chemistries in combination with digital monitoring solutions.