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Membrane Technology Forum

Ronni Rasmussen
Application Specialist Membranes, Novadan

Since the beginning of 2018, Ronni has been an application specialist membranes/CIP for Novadan, a detergent supplier mainly for the food industry. He supports membrane and CIP customers around the world and is responsible for the daily contact with OEM’s, as well as maintaining good relation and corporation with the customers.

Unique for Novadan are the OEM approvals, an important part of the membrane cleaning business. The membrane group tests and develops different products and applications.

Ronni is qualified as an Educated Laboratory Technician, Dairy Technician, and has an AP Degree in Dairy and Process Technology. Previous employment included commissioning engineer at GEA Filtration Denmark, commissioning filtration plant, commissioning engineer at Tetra Pak Global Projects, commissioning new dairies or departments. And as everyone else in the dairy business in Denmark, Ronni has worked for Arla Foods.


CIP More Than Just pH and Temperature

CIP is not black and white, especially not on membranes where pH and temperature are limited inside the membrane specifications. We use the entire toolbox of chemicals to get unique characteristics of the detergent. Case stories about changing chemicals to fit customer demands. Stories about how changing mechanical properties solved cleaning issues.