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Robert Levine

Robert Levine
CEO & Founder, Digested Organics

Robert Levine (Bobby) is the Co-Founder and CEO of Digested Organics, a Michigan-based company that specializes in advanced filtration solutions for wastewater treatment and water reclamation. He completed his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at the University of Michigan and prior to Digested Organics co-founded and sold a company that developed algae-based immune-support ingredients for animal feeds and human nutrition.


Using Stainless Steel Ultrafiltration and a Combination of Forward and Reverse Osmosis to Turn Manure into Organic Fertilizers and Clean Water

We have designed, fabricated, and commissioned a manure filtration system comprised of a stainless steel ultrafiltration system and a combination of forward and reverse osmosis to turn liquid manure into organic fertilizers and clean water. The UF system is comprised of multiple tubular UF membranes which reject suspended solids, FOG, and pathogens. 90% of the phosphorous and organic nitrogen are rejected by the UF. The UF permeate is processed in a forward osmosis (Fo) system; water is extracted through the membrane and into a salt solution. The salt solution is pumped into a (RO) system where clean water is produced along with brine. The brine is recycled back to the FO system for reuse. The advantage of this system is that the FO can handle high solids wastewater rich in organic matter, has a very low tendency to foul, and uses very little energy because the wastewater is pumped through it at low pressures. Isolation of RO membranes from the wastewater, we reduce downtime for cleaning, and extend the life of the spiral RO elements, and produce very clean water effluent. Clean water can be discharged or reused as animal drinking water, the UF and FO concentrates are organic fertilizers.