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Membrane Technology Forum

Kevin van Koerten
Project Manager, NIZO

Kevin van Koerten is a scientist at NIZO Food Research, focusing on modelling the varying aspects of food processing, both on the product and the process scale. He specializes in heat and mass transfer phenomena, but also has fundamental knowledge of micro bial and molecular kinetics and the chemical properties of food products. He received his Masters degree from Wageningen University in Biotechnology and a PhD at the Food process Engineering department of Wageningen on modelling the heat and mass transfer phenomena during deep frying.


Membrane Screening: The Link Between Idea And Industrial Realization Of Membrane Processes

The application of membranes in food processes is increasing, also being applied to a growing varied of product streams. This also brings with it many challenges and unknowns, like fouling, low fluxes and sub-optimal separation leading to excess waste. NIZO applies a standardized selection and optimization procedure allowing for informed decision making on membrane investments. The trajectory includes practical tests to screen separation performance of multiple membranes, consequent evaluation of fouling and flux behavior in pressurized systems and a simulation based optimization procedure to determine optimal setup and dimensions. This gives in depth insight in the performance, CAPEX and OPEX investments of a membrane installation and ensuring an optimal system from the start.