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Membrane Technology ForumJoAnna Hodgson
Mechanical Engineer & Membrane Product Specialist, The Probst Group

JoAnna Hodgson is the Mechanical Engineer and Membrane Product Specialist for The Probst Group. She has worked on membrane systems for over 8 years, with a focus on the treatment of dairy and food processing wastewater via tubular ultrafiltration systems. JoAnna’s responsibilities include design, implementation, and equipment maintenance for industrial wastewater operations with membrane bioreactors. She works closely with clients to analyze key performance indicators and troubleshoot system problems.


Real World Experience with MBR Operations in Wastewater - Performance and Application

The Probst Group propose to share their collective experiences related to the successful application of membrane bioreactor technology in aerobic and anaerobic industrial wastewater treatment processes. Our team can provide unique understanding covering project implementation from conceptual design through construction, optimization, long-term operation and innovation across several membrane types and configurations gaining popularity in the Food and Beverage wastewater market space.