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Bradford Milne

Bradford Milnes
Process Technology Leader, Koch Separation Solutions, In

Bradford (Brad) Milnes is a Process Technology Leader at Koch Separation Solutions, Inc. in Wilmington, MA. He has been actively involved in membrane and process development in the Food and Life Sciences fields at Koch, and previously at Romicon, Inc. in Woburn, MA, for more than 40 years.


Membrane Applications in Food, Beverage and Biopharm Processing

This presentation will provide an overview of several common applications for membrane technology outside of the dairy industry. These encompass processes for tubular, spiral, and hollow fiber membranes. Areas that will be discussed include fruit juice processing, wine clarification and wine recovery from bentonite lees, gelatin production, whole broth fermentation processes, plant protein applications, animal plasma purification/concentration, dextrose clarification, and vinegar filtration.