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Membrane Technology ForumBenoit Duculot

Benoit Duculot graduated from the ESA Business School in Namur, Belgium, and started to work for Realco in 2004 as Field Manager in the I&I sector. In 2008 he became Product Manager for biofilm removal treatment and membrane cleaning. These are two of REALCO’s specialist applications, with continuing development creating new value-added solutions for customers.

Since 2021, Benoit has held the position of Head of the Innovation and Technology Center, identifying new sectors and industries where Realco’s enzymatic expertise can provide new solutions. He also manages the Technology Center whilst providing technical expertise in the implementation of enzymatic solutions in Industrial and Institutional applications.

During his time with Realco, Benoit has been involved in membrane plant troubleshooting and cleaning in a wide range of applications and industries, and in many countries.

A Brand New Solution for the Plant-based Membrane Cleaning

Realco developed the PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION PROGRAM (POP), a patented tool to identify fouling in membrane systems and recommend the most appropriate enzyme-based solutions. By targeting fouling accurately with tailormade cleaning processes and replacing conventional chemical products with sustainable solutions, this approach enables systems to be cleaned effectively to recover water flux, maximize production performance, extend membrane life, and decrease cleaning and operating costs.