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Melinda Burn, PhD

Ashlee Chramega
Lead Product Development Chemist, Hydrite Chemical Co.

Ashlee Chramega is a Senior Product Development Chemist for the Food and Beverage division at Hydrite. She came to Hydrite over 1 year ago with 14 years of prior formulation expertise in the paint and coatings industry. She has a BS in Chemistry and Biochemistry as well as an MS in Molecular Biology from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.


Development of a New Advanced Enzymatic Membrane Cleaning Program

Traditional cleaning of dairy membranes requires harsh chemicals, high temperatures, and long CIP time leading to substantial economic costs. Utilizing enzymatic based cleaners for dairy membranes can lower these costs by reducing water, energy, and time, while also being an eco-friendly product. We have developed a more robust enzyme concentrate that works synergistically with a new buffered alkaline. This combination results in greater cleaning efficiency and increased proteolytic activity, allowing for more efficient CIP. In addition to these chemistries, we will be introducing a new rapid field test used for validating the enzyme activity of our products.