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Angela Dodd

Angela Dodd
Founder of Females in Food and Sr. Director of New Market Development, Solecta

A seasoned food industry professional with more than 15 years of experience, Angela Dodd is the founder of the Females in Food Community, the first female-focused professional platform committed to closing the gender gap across every sector of the F&B industry. Females in Food deploys a 360-degree approach to talent development and gender diversity by offering programs, events and job search tools. It also acts as a trusted partner to organizations to help increase gender diversity through talent connection, consulting programs and data insights.


Advancing Women in Dairy - Current State of Work and How Companies Can Improve Their Recruitment and Retention

Recruiting and retaining employees [specially women and people of color] is a challenge facing every sector of the F&B industry right now. Women in the Dairy industry have historically been underrepresented from the farm through to production and supply chain. Achieving gender parity, isn’t just good for the industry, it’s been statistically shown to be good for business.
In this presentation, Angela Dodd, the founder of Females in Food will be sharing the key barriers to gender equity and why women are leaving workforce at greater numbers than ever before. Using data gathered from the FIF Women in Dairy Division, she will then share initiatives and insights companies can adopt to attract, advance, retain and sponsor the women within their organizations with the goal of attracting and retaining the best talent, closing the gender gap, and propelling their organizations into the future in the most sustainable way.